Monadnock PR-24 Baton

There are numerous advantages to both extendable and side-handle batons. The PR-24 from Monadnock, now part of Safariland, combines both. It features a proven side-handle design and the compactness of a positive-locking, expandable system. The baton opens with a simple flick of the wrist, positively locking into place. A Trumbull stop handle provides increased baton retention. The PR-24 is available in both polycarbonate and anodized aluminum. MSRP $49.99- $110.99.

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When you need the best! Our formulation contains 10% OC, 2 million SHUs, 1.33% capsaicinoids and a UV marker dye, producing maximum stopping power versus other law enforcement pepper sprays. Our formulation has been independently tested to be nonflammable and safe to use with Tasers. Our professional pepper sprays are available in various sizes of splatter stream, foam or fogger dispensing methods. Each canister has a flip-top to avoid accidental discharges and provide easy access, with ridges for the best possible grip. To view our complete line and place your buy 3, get 1 free order, please visit our website at

Phazzer Dragon Conductive Energy Weapon

The Dragon series from Phazzer has several advantages that make it a frequent choice for law enforcement. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery for “always charged” capacity, an intuitive design that makes operation second nature, a laser sight for increased accuracy and the ability to be used as a traditional stun gun after deployment or unloading the single-use cartridge are just a few. It also comes fully charged so that it may be used upon receipt with no registration or activation required, which is in accordance with U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives law. MSRP $329.99.

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Phazzer Enforcer Conductive Energy Weapon

Effective Enforcement

The Enforcer is designed to compete directly with the likes of the Taser X26 and M26 series but at a lower price point. The Enforcer’s Dart Pro options have an effective range of 15 to 21 feet with a similar replaceable nitrogen cartridge as the means for propulsion. The replaceable ammunition cartridges are compatible with the Taser X26 and M26 ECDs, which eliminates the need to order Taser ammo for departments that already possess one of those models. In addition, the Enforcer uses technology that shuts down the unit if aggregate exposure to the body exceeds 15 seconds but can also be overridden. The Phazzer Enforcer features an internal 160-lumen, high-intensity LED light and four alternative variations of non-lethal ammunition cartridges that can each be fired one time. MSRP $599.99.

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Law enforcement has long been aware of the efficacy of OC in chemical control devices, but there are also challenges. Use in confined spaces like holding cells or automobiles or inside a facility such as a hospital can increase the risk of both officer and non-subject cross-contamination. The new SABRE Green uses wasabi horseradish to produce the same involuntary reactions as OC but with the advantage of an 80% faster decontamination time. It also uses the company’s CROSSFIRE technology, which maximizes the ability to deploy from any angle or orientation. MSRP $17.

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Chemical Crowd Control

The SABRE MK-60 is designed for chemical crowd control with large-volume OC liquid spray. It makes several improvements over the prior crowd-management device, the MK-46 — namely the ability to recharge without a separate nitrogen tank equipped with a Schrader valve. This allows for refills of both nitrogen and OC in the field through the use of a pre-charged nitrogen cartridge. The company has also more than doubled the volume, taking the MK-60 to 30 one-second bursts. Additionally, the nitrogen cartridge eliminates the guesswork and monitoring of pressures while filling. MSRP $1,500.

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