Absolute Software LoJack for Laptops

If you have ever had a laptop stolen, you probably understand the panic that follows when you realize that not only was a valuable device stolen, but your security and sensitive information on the laptop are now compromised. There is a viable option available to help deter the theft of such devices. The LoJack tracking device for laptops helps consumers track, manage, secure and recover mobile computers and devices. LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software gives you the power to remotely locate, lock and delete the data on your computer before it becomes a nightmare. LoJack not only tracks your device and helps you recover it, but also gives you the option of remotely locking your device and erasing sensitive files, personal photos, financial data and stored passwords. MSRP $44.99 per year for the premium edition.

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Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour GPS

The Bushnell BackTrack series of simple-to-operate navigation devices has revolutionized what you think about personal, handheld GPS. It’s easier than ever to find your way back; the D-Tour features the ability to track, record and share your adventures, and it provides time, temperature, altitude and latitude/longitude coordinates. You’ll also have a self-calibrating digital compass at your fingertips. You can mark up to five locations and get the simple distance and direction to each location. This makes marking and locating deer stands, downed game or a favorite fishing spot quick and easy.

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Laser Technology Mapping Kit

LTI’s Incident Mapping Kit leverages the latest in documenting and diagramming technology to create a powerful, versatile and user-friendly mapping solution that can be added to any investigator’s toolbox. The TruPoint 300 all-in-one laser rangefinder includes an inclinometer with vertical and horizontal angle encoders, producing survey-grade distance accuracy costing thousands less than conventional total stations. Coupled with LTI’s QuickMap 3D Software, collect, store and identify critical evidence on the rugged 7” tablet also included in this kit.  A custom-made tripod and Laser Aiming Assist fixture round out the lineup, all fitting in a compact hard case. For more info, go to

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OnStar For My Vehicle (FMV)

A standalone rearview mirror that packs all of OnStar’s core technology, For My Vehicle is now available for vehicles from most major manufacturers. OnStar FMV offers the key features that made OnStar’s “blue button” an icon, including Automatic Crash Response, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance, one-button access to emergency and roadside services and hands-free calling, including Bluetooth connectivity. All of these services are available directly through the OnStar mirror, without requiring you to bring along a mobile phone.

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