5.11 Tactical Zero-G Plates System

Lightening the Load

New for 2014, the Zero-G Plates System is a revolutionary load-bearing technology to make your duty gear feel lighter, more comfortable and more secure. Realizing that officers often experience back pain from toting their gear, 5.11 Tactical designed these ergonomic plates to be worn on the hips under a duty belt to help distribute weight more evenly and reduce pressure on abdominal muscles, promoting better posture. They are constructed of an aerospace-grade carbon fiber, shaped to be comfortable even when seated, with reusable and durable straps and increased wear resistance. The system also stabilizes holsters during a draw and minimizes the need for extra keepers. The low-profile design works with all duty gear and is almost entirely hidden under the equipment on a belt. MSRP: Not available at press time.

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American Body Armor XT01

The XT01 Type II is part of the ABA Xtreme Series of concealable armor. Tested against the 9mm and .357 Magnum NIJ-designated rounds, the XT01 Type II design combines the capabilities of Honeywell Gold Shield ballistic material and Twaron Microlaminate for enhanced ballistic and chemical resistance. The combination of these materials provides reliable protection against a wide array of threats, while also offering an enhanced degree of flexibility. The XT01 offers competitive pricing, performance and comfort.

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Armor Express Revolution

The Revolution is Armor Express’ top-of-the-line concealable carrier system. The shoulder area boasts an improved epaulet system and the addition of 3mm-thick Breathe-O-Prene padding. The Revolution also offers the microfiber Wearstrip on the lower inside lining of the carrier and an inner suspension system. The Wearstrip prevents holes from forming along the bottom edge of the carrier due to abrasion, which commonly occurs when the carrier rubs against your duty belt. The inner suspension system holds the protective panels in place and prevents them from sagging. The Revolution is available in both male and structured female princess cut designs.

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CHIEF Advantage 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask

You never know just what you’ll encounter when on crowd control duty; there’s any number of possibilities from the benign to potentially life threatening. The CHIEF Advantage 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask can defend wearers from a number of biological and chemical warfare agents, including Sarin and mustard chemicals. Independent testing confirms the mask and canister meet requirements according to CASHPAC-recommended protocols. What’s equally important is that this model is 40 percent lighter than most full-face respirators, and the dual-canister mount won’t impede your field of vision or weapon sighting. MSRP $493.12.

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Damascus Vector 1 Riot Control Gloves

Despite best efforts, when crowds get riled up, there’s always the potential for close contact between officer and rioters. In those cases, added protection, such as Carbon-Tek fiber knuckle gloves, can make a difference. The Vector 1 Riot Control gloves were created with such circumstances in mind, as well as high-risk inmate movements. In addition to the molded hard shell, the knuckles and wrists have foam-injected padding, the palms are reinforced, the stitching is double reinforced and the lining is made from a bonded breathable tricot material. MSRP $78.50.

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