Damascus Vortex Gel-Core Hybrid Knee Pads

Standing, kneeling or prone, protecting your knees is always important in any physical situation. The Vortex Gel-Core Hybrid Knee Pads were created to provide wearers with the utmost comfort. More specifically, they were designed to support individuals engaged in law enforcement and military activities. The “hybrid” comes from combining both high- and low-density materials for ultimate cushion. The GEL foam core contains two shock-absorbing gels that help withstand body weight, which also ups the comfort factor. MSRP $68.

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For Your Chest: American Body Armor Female Uniform Shirt Carrier

Flexible and Fitted

This USC is designed with a woman’s body in mind. From the narrow shoulder coverings to the adjustable side closures, a female officer can feel secure knowing she is protected in vulnerable areas. The front and rear plate pockets offer superior protection without adding extra bulk to a woman’s frame. Available in navy, black, white, brown, gray, olive and tan to blend in with color-matched uniform shirts. MSRP $165 and up.

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For Your Chest: TurtleSkin Cell Extraction Vest

Ultimate Blade Protection

This cell extraction suit for corrections officers offers armored protection from both spikes and edged weapons. It’s earned a Level 3 rating from the National Institute of Justice, in part because of a lightweight, flexible metal mosaic that offers hard protection against edged weapons. You’re covered from neck to groin with this vest. MSRP $2,500.

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Mawashi R4-E Crowd Management/Correctional Suit

Personal protective equipment must meet certain criteria, such as minimizing blows, reducing contaminant risk, maximizing mobility and, of course, comfort. Mawashi’s R4-E Crowd Management/Correctional Suit checks off all those must-haves. Its ergonomic construction at shoulder, elbow, knee and midsection allows for full range of motion. Front and back hard armor meet stab/spike resistance standards when worn over stab vests. Options include flame-resistant materials and blood-borne-pathogen-resistant coverall. MSRP $1,150.

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Monadnock Model 5500 Impactor Fighting Shield

The Impactor Fighting Shield from Monadnock, part of the Safariland brand, is a unique, non-ballistic, multifunctional arm shield that is durable, lightweight and protects officers in both defensive and counter-strike situations. This new model adds features to assist in controlling combative subjects in a wide range of situations. A one-piece, solid aluminum grip provides added strength with a knurled surface that works well with or without a glove. The new, resized handle fits a wide range of hand sizes. Ergonomic padding down the length of the shield better protects against impact and bruising from hard blows against the arm and chest. Also integrated into the handle design is a secure holder for a Defense Technology MK-3 or MK-4 OC spray canister, allowing for easy deployment of the OC. The Impactor Fighting Shield is designed to be operated with one hand, leaving the other free for baton or other weapon deployment. MSRP $139.

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Monadnock Peacekeeper 2036C

This shield’s comfort-molded cradle handle not only allows for ambidextrous operation, but also stability and control. The lightweight Peacekeeper 2036C clear riot shield measures 20 inches by 36 inches with a 4 mm shatter-resistant polycarbonate shield that should not spall or craze upon impact. The materials also meet ASTM standards for flammability and thermal and mechanical properties. Finally, rounded edges protect against strain. MSRP $240.

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