Monadnock Model 5500 Impactor Fighting Shield

The Impactor Fighting Shield from Monadnock, part of the Safariland brand, is a unique, non-ballistic, multifunctional arm shield that is durable, lightweight and protects officers in both defensive and counter-strike situations. This new model adds features to assist in controlling combative subjects in a wide range of situations. A one-piece, solid aluminum grip provides added strength with a knurled surface that works well with or without a glove. The new, resized handle fits a wide range of hand sizes. Ergonomic padding down the length of the shield better protects against impact and bruising from hard blows against the arm and chest. Also integrated into the handle design is a secure holder for a Defense Technology MK-3 or MK-4 OC spray canister, allowing for easy deployment of the OC. The Impactor Fighting Shield is designed to be operated with one hand, leaving the other free for baton or other weapon deployment. MSRP $139.

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