5.11 Tactical H.R.T. Titanium Watch

Once again, innovation is the “watch” word for 5.11 Tactical. When the company set out to design a titanium watch, it wanted one that would truly serve the needs of law enforcement. The H.R.T. Titanium Watch has all the features needed for day-to-day activities and includes the revolutionary SureShot calculator. In a partnership with Horus Vision, the H.R.T. also gives you the ability to input 13 critical variables needed for long-range shooting solutions out to 1,000 meters. Also, the luminescent markings can be charged with direct light to give you secure analog reading in the dark. MSRP $289.

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Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3097

Luminox was requested by the officer in charge of procurement to develop the first Navy SEAL series in 1993. If a watch is durable enough for the world’s toughest elite forces, it will stand up to any other rugged outdoor use. Luminox’s best-selling Colormark Navy SEAL series is available in Day/Date or Chronograph models and comes in white, orange, green, red and blue, with the Luminox Light Technology (LLT) on the hands, hour markers and bezel markings all color-coordinated. The LLT light tubes glow continuously for up to 25 years, no matter the conditions. MSRP $499 (Chronograph).

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Luminox SWAT

Luminox Light Technology, applied by hand to each and every watch, makes Luminox watches extremely visible at night. In fact, the technology Luminox uses provides 24/7 luminosity, no matter the conditions, for up to 25 years. Most other watches use luminescent paint or a push-to-light system. Luminox, however, uses proprietary technology – in the past reserved for the military – that makes Luminox watches stand out, literally. Each Luminox watch features tiny gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules), which are always lit, on the hands; hour-markers; and, when necessary, bezels. As a result of this unique technology, Luminox watches are always readable at a glance, no matter the conditions. MSRP $400.

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MTM Tactical Cobra Watch

A classic pilot’s watch offered by MTM Tactical, the Cobra operates on a proprietary quartz chronograph encased within an ultra-lightweight titanium for a comfortable wear. MSRP $1,200.

Resco Instruments

Resco Instruments

When not covered in mud and grime Down Range, Resco Watches dress up quite nicely for that Downtown mixer. Designed with utility in mind; Resco Watches feature a 316L Stainless Steel Case, Sapphire Crystal, Screw-down Crowns and a dependable Meter Rating.

Resco Watches are comfortable in any setting; offering a classic look to your next demolition dive or cocktail party.

Founded in 2009, Resco Instruments set out to build a sleek, simple and rugged timepiece. This vision was realized with the production of the Gen1 Patriot model. Other Resco models include Gen2 Patriot, BullFrog, BlackFrog, Hooper, Manus Chronograph, Red Circle, Kauffman, UDT, RTAC GMT and Ladies Sea Pearl. We invite you to check us out!

Resco Instruments Patriot

Founded in 2009, Resco Instruments set out to build a sleek, simple and rugged timepiece. Our watches are built and tested in Coronado, California. The Patriot line is the only watch that has been field tested through every phase of NSW training by actual operators providing feedback and design input. The result is one very rugged timepiece worn by more actual SEALs than any other watch claiming to be the “official watch.” There is no official watch of the U.S. Navy SEALs; if there ever were one, the Resco Patriot would be it! For more info, go to www.rescoinstruments.com.