10-8 Industries LLC TRANSPORTER

How will you be transporting in the future? 10-8 Industries LLC offers the TRANSPORTER, an innovative seat pan for agencies that transport prisoners, arrestees, victims and witnesses in the front passenger seat. Conveniently installed without interfering with function of factory seat. Benefits your agency with reduction of hidden CDS, litigation and body fluid control. Easily cleaned. Bulk pricing available and more cost effective than partition/cages. Great for detective fleet too! Do not miss out on the future of transportation! Contact us today at TFowble@10-8industries.com or (301) 785-1241 for demo opportunities. For more info, go to 10-8industries.com.

5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Thigh Rig

Let It Ride

The ThumbDrive Thigh Rig attachment is designed to allow you to easily attach your ThumbDrive holster onto a flexible leg platform. Two adjustable ballistic nylon leg tension straps with rubberized threads keep the rig from sliding or shifting from the weight of a holstered firearm. Each strap comes with a quick-detach buckle. Mounting holes allow the wearer to configure an array of accessories. The height-adjustable drop-leg strap comes with a durable swivel clip that permits the reinforced strap to bend at the waist without bulging. Available in black only. MSRP $42.99.

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CTS 9-Bang Flashbang

Nearly every special tactical unit has a hoard of flashbangs at the ready, but if you don’t have the CTS-9 Bang by Combined Systems, Inc. you’re missing out. This nonbursting, nonfragmenting multibang device puts out a pulse of intense bright light and thunderous noise that will disorient and confuse suspects and allow your team to penetrate and subdue them. The flashbang provides nine nonrhythmic actions (about 0.8 seconds apart) with a single pull of the pin. CTS flashbangs are built and tested to military ammunition standards, making them the leading brand in noise flash diversion devices (NFDDs). MSRP $54.

DeSantis Gunhide City Slicker

If you can’t take a gun or a knife, the City Slicker may just save your life! DeSantis Gunhide’s City Slicker coin purse is built from fine glove leather and lined with sturdy pack cloth. It has a removable pants clip and a strong nylon hand strap. The City Slicker will carry all of your coins and other small heavy items with comfort and security. It offers great protection in crowded city areas and while vacationing abroad. The City Slicker can be worn in your handbag or tucked in your pants or jacket. Retail price is $24.99. DeSantis didn’t invent concealment, we just perfected it! For more info, go to desantisholster.com.

Fox Outdoor Rifle Mag Pouches

Fox Outdoor Rifle Mag Pouches

Quick-deploy design and magazine security. Our new Rifle Mag Pouches are capable of holding two, four or six 30-round rifle magazines. The wraparound elastic cord with a quick lock secures magazines in place but also allows for a quick deploy. Modular-compatible and reinforced at stress points for increased durability, these Rifle Mag Pouches are a game changer. Available in Olive Drab, Black, Coyote and MultiCam. For more info, go to FoxOutdoor.com.

Fox Tactical 25-Round Shotgun Ammo Pouch

Designed for rapid reloads of shotgun shells when time is critical! Newly NTOA member-tested and approved, this well-designed shotgun shell pouch securely holds 25 rounds of all gauges of shotgun shells. With a loop panel on the front of this item, the elastic loop panel inside can be removed and placed on the front of the pouch, offering quick access to your shotgun shells. This item is fully modular compatible and also contains two D-rings so that a shoulder strap can be attached. For more info, go to www.FoxOutdoor.com.