Nemesis 4x Gen 2+

The durable, waterproof Armasight Nemesis 4x Gen 2+ night vision riflescope is  designed to provide high-resolution visuals on the darkest nights. Featuring shock protection and a 4x magnification to increase accuracy, the scope also includes bright-source protection on the Gen 2+ image intensifier tube and automated brightness control to optimize the scope for your surroundings. An illuminated red-cross reticle with variable brightness control enables you to see exactly where you are aiming. MSRP $1,469.

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OTS-X-E314 1X Thermal Imaging Viewer

The latest in ATN’s OTS Thermal Imager System line, the OTS-X series is designed to be a versatile, compact and lightweight yet rugged thermal viewer that can be easily carried in a cargo pocket. The 60Hz OTS-X is one of ATN’s most affordable thermal viewers to include a full 336 x 256 resolution. Featuring the ability to interchange the objective lens so you can have multiple magnifications based on your need  or mission, the OTS-X is available with four different lens types. MSRP $4,495.

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ATN Aries

MK 410 Spartan

The ATN Aries MK 410 Spartan night vision riflescope features 5x magnification, improved optical configuration, a low F-stop factor and increased optical resolution, allowing more light to travel through the lens to the tube and creating brighter, sharper images. The Aries offers a precision red-on-green aiming system, push-button operation and reticle brightness adjustment. A detachable, 450mW infrared illuminator and weather-resistant design make the riflescope a great choice for night hunting, and the system easily mounts onto any U.S. standard 7/8-inch weaver or picatinny rail. MSRP $649.

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Burris Veracity CQB

Equal power

Burris’ Veracity riflescopes’ 5x zoom system provides a larger field of view at close ranges and better target acquisition at long ranges. Multi-turn target knobs found on the 4x-20x and 5x-25x models offer up to 15 MOA adjustment per rotation, with multi-revolutions of adjustment and a zero-click stop to quickly revert back to your original yardage setting without counting revolutions. With front focal plane (FFP) design accurate at any power and PTC technology, the Ballistic E1 FFP reticle features trajectory compensation out to 600 yards, with cascading wind dots. The Ballistic E1 FFP Varmint reticle offers trajectory compensation out to 700 yards with MOA tick marks to aid in distance measurement and target size determination. MSRP $899 to $1,350.

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Bushnell AR Optics 2-7x 32mm

AR, .22 Sounds Affordable

The AR Optics 2-7x32mm rimfire riflescope features fully multi-coated optics for optimal light transmission and a fast focus eyepiece for a clear sight picture. The new Drop Zone 22 Rimfire BDC reticle is an ideal reticle for the new .22-caliber AR-style rifles on the market. With a 50-yard zero and aiming points out to 200 yards, the Drop Zone 22 is easy to comprehend and operate. Built with a durable, one-inch tube, the overall length of the riflescope is just over 11 inches. Target turrets make windage and elevation adjustments quick and easy, while side parallax focus allows the shooter to retain a crisp, clear sight picture at any range. MSRP $150.

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Butler Creek Tactical One Piece Flip Caps

I Spy …

Butler Creek’s Tactical One Piece Flip Caps feature a durable one-piece design with a flexible lid that conveniently folds up and locks away during use. During storage or transport, the flexible lid provides a tight seal to keep dust, dirt and moisture off the lens. Designed from a virtually indestructible material that performs well in extreme temperatures, these scope covers are available in two eyepiece and three objective sizes to fit a wide range of scopes on the market. MSRP $17.

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