Nemesis 4x Gen 2+

The durable, waterproof Armasight Nemesis 4x Gen 2+ night vision riflescope is  designed to provide high-resolution visuals on the darkest nights. Featuring shock protection and a 4x magnification to increase accuracy, the scope also includes bright-source protection on the Gen 2+ image intensifier tube and automated brightness control to optimize the scope for your surroundings. An illuminated red-cross reticle with variable brightness control enables you to see exactly where you are aiming. MSRP $1,469.

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OTS-X-E314 1X Thermal Imaging Viewer

The latest in ATN’s OTS Thermal Imager System line, the OTS-X series is designed to be a versatile, compact and lightweight yet rugged thermal viewer that can be easily carried in a cargo pocket. The 60Hz OTS-X is one of ATN’s most affordable thermal viewers to include a full 336 x 256 resolution. Featuring the ability to interchange the objective lens so you can have multiple magnifications based on your need  or mission, the OTS-X is available with four different lens types. MSRP $4,495.

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ATN Aries

MK 410 Spartan

The ATN Aries MK 410 Spartan night vision riflescope features 5x magnification, improved optical configuration, a low F-stop factor and increased optical resolution, allowing more light to travel through the lens to the tube and creating brighter, sharper images. The Aries offers a precision red-on-green aiming system, push-button operation and reticle brightness adjustment. A detachable, 450mW infrared illuminator and weather-resistant design make the riflescope a great choice for night hunting, and the system easily mounts onto any U.S. standard 7/8-inch weaver or picatinny rail. MSRP $649.

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FLIR Systems

Scout PS-32 Handheld Thermal Monocular


The PS-32 Scout offers three selectable palettes — white hot, black hot and InstAlert (thermal signatures show up bright red on a black-and-white background) — to adjust your view to your surroundings. The three-button operation allows you to easily customize brightness, contrast and polarity, and capture a freeze frame. The Scout is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion internal battery that will last up to five hours. An embedded LED task light provides non-thermal illumination for close-range, hands-on tasks, and for added stability, the Scout features a 1/4-20 tripod mount. MSRP $2,999.

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Golight Helios Directional Thermal Imaging System Heat-Enhanced Vision

Golight’s Helios Directional Thermal Imaging System senses heat profiles and aids navigation in low light, dense smoke, fog and inclement weather. The 370-degree rotation, 135-degree tilt technology allows the FLIR thermal imaging camera to capture images within a 1,500-foot range. And with an extremely quick refresh rate of 30 frames per second, the camera can be operated at standard vehicle speeds without image distortion. The package also includes a 7-inch LCD screen, or can interface with existing in-car viewing platforms. Video-capture software allows photos and videos to be stored on any available hard drive. The module is encased in UV- and saltwater-resistant housing and hermetically sealed, with an internal core heater to ensure smooth operation in harsh conditions. You can choose either a hard-wired dash-mount control or one of the wireless remote options.

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Micro Series Ultra Compact Thermal Monoculars

Just because a product comes in a little package doesn’t mean it lacks power or functionality. A perfect example is Night Optics’ new Micro Series Ultra Compact Thermal Monoculars. Neither the Micro 1 nor Micro 2 model is bigger than the average adult palm, but both offer four polarity options, an accelerometer, a video-out option and 1x, 2x and 4x digital magnification, all housed within a shockproof casing. Micro 1 is a 19 mm fixed-focus monocular and Micro 2 is a 20 mm variable focus design. Each can be mounted for head, helmet, tripod or weapon use. MSRP $6,199.99 and up.