Golight Helios Directional Thermal Imaging System Heat-Enhanced Vision

Golight’s Helios Directional Thermal Imaging System senses heat profiles and aids navigation in low light, dense smoke, fog and inclement weather. The 370-degree rotation, 135-degree tilt technology allows the FLIR thermal imaging camera to capture images within a 1,500-foot range. And with an extremely quick refresh rate of 30 frames per second, the camera can be operated at standard vehicle speeds without image distortion. The package also includes a 7-inch LCD screen, or can interface with existing in-car viewing platforms. Video-capture software allows photos and videos to be stored on any available hard drive. The module is encased in UV- and saltwater-resistant housing and hermetically sealed, with an internal core heater to ensure smooth operation in harsh conditions. You can choose either a hard-wired dash-mount control or one of the wireless remote options.

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