Fox Tactical™ Dual Combat Case

This great weapon transport system was built so that one can easily transport two assault rifles. With a removable internal padded divider and four hook-and-loop hold-down web straps, transporting has never been easier! Some of the other features and benefits this item contains are two sleeve pockets to store smaller handguns, removable concealable shoulder strap for ease in transporting, three modular pouches on the front for storing essential gear, and a large front pocket to hold any other items you may need. So when you’re looking for a case that protects what protects you, go with the Fox Tactical™ Dual Combat Case! For more info, go to

Gunslick AR Rifle Pull-Thru Cleaning Kits

Quick and easy cleaning

Designed specifically for AR-15 or AR-10 rifles, these cleaning kits feature Gunslick Pro’s Pull-Thru Jag System, consisting of a patch-piercing jag adaptor, caliber-specific jags, cable and a standard square patch. One size of patch works for multiple calibers and caliber-specific jags allow for a perfect fit inside the bore. Kits also include a variety of brushes, three specialty tools, versatile brass handle, soft-pack case with belt loop, 1.25-ounce Ultra-Care cleaning chemical, cotton patches and more. MSRP $51.

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Henry Survival Pack

Henry U.S. Survival Pack

Through the decades the AR-7’s reputation for portability, ease of operation and reliability has carried over to the civilian world from its military background. Today it’s a favorite of bush pilots, backpackers and backcountry adventurers who need a rifle that’s easy to carry yet has the accuracy to reliably take down small game. The new Henry U.S. Survival Pack contains the AR-7 rifle and a myriad of high-quality survival equipment all packaged within a custom US-made case. Henry also makes a smaller Survival Kit that fits perfectly into the front pocket for a very comprehensive grab-and-go package.

Liberty Safe Home Defender Smart Vaults

When Speed and Security Count

Smart vaults are a smart choice to make sure firearms don’t fall into the wrong hands, keeping them safely stored until the moment they’re needed. Liberty’s new HD Series features the most reliable biometric entry system available, with supreme accuracy and the lowest failure rate on the market. A simple finger swipe gains entry to the vault in less than two seconds, and the system can remember 15 different fingerprints. The HDX-150 is designed to be portable and fits easily in a drawer or car, while the spacious HDX-250 has holes for direct mounting. Both feature a lighted interior and a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel door with reinforced latch system built to resist prying and other attempts to gain entry. MSRP $229 to $279.

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ATAC 360° Thermal Camera System

The high-resolution ATAC 360° Thermal Camera System allows the user to see in total darkness. With a 320 x 240-resolution FLIR camera, the system can see man-sized targets from more than 1,500 feet away. Using longwave infrared sensor technology, the thermal core sees through smoke, fog, rain and other atmospheric conditions. Easily mounted, the system offers 370 rotation x 135 tilt using either the included wired toggle control, wireless handheld or dash-mounted wireless remote controls. The RF wireless remote controls can be programmed to your desired frequency for uninterrupted use with one or multiple systems. MSRP $7,995.

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