For Your Chest: American Body Armor Female Uniform Shirt Carrier

Flexible and Fitted

This USC is designed with a woman’s body in mind. From the narrow shoulder coverings to the adjustable side closures, a female officer can feel secure knowing she is protected in vulnerable areas. The front and rear plate pockets offer superior protection without adding extra bulk to a woman’s frame. Available in navy, black, white, brown, gray, olive and tan to blend in with color-matched uniform shirts. MSRP $165 and up.

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American Body Armor XT01

The XT01 Type II is part of the ABA Xtreme Series of concealable armor. Tested against the 9mm and .357 Magnum NIJ-designated rounds, the XT01 Type II design combines the capabilities of Honeywell Gold Shield ballistic material and Twaron Microlaminate for enhanced ballistic and chemical resistance. The combination of these materials provides reliable protection against a wide array of threats, while also offering an enhanced degree of flexibility. The XT01 offers competitive pricing, performance and comfort.

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