Defense Technology 40 mm Launcher

Increased Accuracy

The 40 mm launcher from Defense Technology, part of the Safariland brand, is designed to fire any of the company’s 37 mm or 40 mm less-lethal munitions. The barrel of the launcher is equipped with both a ghost ring sight and a full Picatinny rail for the addition of other sight types or accessories. In addition, the barrel is also fully rifled, which increases the accuracy potential of the less-lethal round. A triple-latch system provides the additional strength necessary when using the “hotter” extended-range rounds. MSRP $1,100.

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Defense Technology eXact iMpact 40 mm Extended Range Round

Less Lethal Over Longer Distances

The 40 mm eXact iMpact Extended Range Round from Defense Technology, part of the Safariland brand, is designed for the company’s 40 mm Launcher and offers increased velocity for greater accuracy over longer distances. This lightweight, high-speed projectile incorporates a plastic body and a foam nose that is stabilized by the rifling inside the launcher barrel. Just as in a rifle or pistol, rifling dramatically increases the accuracy potential of a fired projectile. Additionally, smokeless powder allows for very consistent velocities (another plus for consistent accuracy). The Extended Range Round is most effective for incapacitation when used within the optimal energy range of 10 to 70 meters. MSRP $26.99.

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DeSantis Gunhide City Slicker

If you can’t take a gun or a knife, the City Slicker may just save your life! DeSantis Gunhide’s City Slicker coin purse is built from fine glove leather and lined with sturdy pack cloth. It has a removable pants clip and a strong nylon hand strap. The City Slicker will carry all of your coins and other small heavy items with comfort and security. It offers great protection in crowded city areas and while vacationing abroad. The City Slicker can be worn in your handbag or tucked in your pants or jacket. Retail price is $24.99. DeSantis didn’t invent concealment, we just perfected it! For more info, go to

FNH USA 303 Standard Launcher

FNH 303 Standard Launcher is a device designed to provide maximum effectiveness with minimum risk. With a barrel length of 10 inches and overall weight of 8 pounds, the 303 Launcher is reliable and highly effective. Constructed of rugged polymer, the FN 303 is a .68 caliber launcher with a range of 50 meters which shoots fin-stabilized rubber projectiles. It comes standard with flip-up iron sights or you can easily add your own optics on the top mount rail system. Additional quality features on this device are a manual safety lever inside the trigger guard and a braided steel air supply line. The FN 303 Launcher shoots approximately 110 shots per from its air bottle that provide 3000 PSI of compressed air.

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Lightfield Ammunition Corporation SuperStar

Viewing the SuperStar projectile outside of the cartridge may give an entirely wrong perception. It might look like a child’s Koosh Ball, but it packs a punch. Designed to be used at a distance of 2 to 15 yards, the SuperStar’s patented design intentionally embraces properties that can greatly reduce the undesirable effects of a drag-stabilized, sock-style bean bag. The SuperStar uses a lighter projectile at a higher velocity coupled with a larger diameter and a flexible composition, which equals safer deployment. It is available in 12 gauge and thus able to be used in most police forces’ existing weapons. MSRP $18.75 per box of five.

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Mace Pepper Gun

If you are seeking a pepper spray device that can offer an accurate extended range, a powerful LED light and a bonus feature of intimidation thanks to its pistol-like appearance, then consider the Mace Pepper Gun. The Mace Pepper Gun dishes out a serious dose of painful OC pepper spray and is greatly effective thanks to the bag-in-the-can delivery system technology. Plus the trigger activated LED light is bright enough to disorient any would-be attacker. Each gun comes with a 28-gram cartridge of OC pepper spray, a water practice cartridge and batteries to operate the LED light. Weighing less than 2 pounds, the Mace Pepper Gun is a great option for a less-than-lethal form of protection.

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