Law enforcement has long been aware of the efficacy of OC in chemical control devices, but there are also challenges. Use in confined spaces like holding cells or automobiles or inside a facility such as a hospital can increase the risk of both officer and non-subject cross-contamination. The new SABRE Green uses wasabi horseradish to produce the same involuntary reactions as OC but with the advantage of an 80% faster decontamination time. It also uses the company’s CROSSFIRE technology, which maximizes the ability to deploy from any angle or orientation. MSRP $17.

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Chemical Crowd Control

The SABRE MK-60 is designed for chemical crowd control with large-volume OC liquid spray. It makes several improvements over the prior crowd-management device, the MK-46 — namely the ability to recharge without a separate nitrogen tank equipped with a Schrader valve. This allows for refills of both nitrogen and OC in the field through the use of a pre-charged nitrogen cartridge. The company has also more than doubled the volume, taking the MK-60 to 30 one-second bursts. Additionally, the nitrogen cartridge eliminates the guesswork and monitoring of pressures while filling. MSRP $1,500.

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Sabre Stun Baton

The Sabre 500,000 volt Stun Baton measures 13 ¼ inches tall and offers a less-than-lethal, yet painful dose of electrical current. If the visual intimidation caused by the electrical current that flows from probe to probe is not enough of a deterrent, then perhaps the thunderous noise created from those same currents will issue a serious scare tactic to anyone foolish enough to challenge someone holding a Stun Baton. The baton does require a direct contact to the attacker’s torso area, but provides users with an on/off safety switch and separate activation trigger mechanism, operates on two 9V batteries and is equipped with a wrist strap and belt holsters and a two-year warranty.

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