Phazzer Enforcer Conductive Energy Weapon

Effective Enforcement

The Enforcer is designed to compete directly with the likes of the Taser X26 and M26 series but at a lower price point. The Enforcer’s Dart Pro options have an effective range of 15 to 21 feet with a similar replaceable nitrogen cartridge as the means for propulsion. The replaceable ammunition cartridges are compatible with the Taser X26 and M26 ECDs, which eliminates the need to order Taser ammo for departments that already possess one of those models. In addition, the Enforcer uses technology that shuts down the unit if aggregate exposure to the body exceeds 15 seconds but can also be overridden. The Phazzer Enforcer features an internal 160-lumen, high-intensity LED light and four alternative variations of non-lethal ammunition cartridges that can each be fired one time. MSRP $599.99.

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