FreeLinc Wireless FreeMic 200 Speaker Microphone

<p>FreeLinc’s Wireless FreeMic 200 speaker microphone enhances your safety by eliminating all the cords and cables from your portable radio. Each FreeMic is equipped with an audio outlet, convenient volume controls, push-to-talk button and heavy-duty clip. All FreeLinc devices interface through one adapter equipped with a second push-to-talk, giving you the option to transmit without exposing unprotected areas of your body.  Visit for more information or contact your FreeLinc sales rep at Use discount code FOP1 for a 25% discount..</p>

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General Dynamics Itronix GD8200

Beyond Rugged
When the mission is critical, the decision of which laptop to use is equally as critical. The General Dynamics Itronix GD8200 is a military-grade, rugged notebook. Law enforcement and military personnel need equipment that is mobile, quick-to-connect, secure and reliable, as well as cost-effective. The GD8200 is compact, lightweight and features an Intel Core i7 processor for maximum power and performance in extreme conditions. The GD8200 was tested in a wide range of the harsh environments and met or exceeded MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards. Additionally, the GD8200 offers a multi-touchpad, giving users optimum functionality. Thanks to the DynaVue II touch-screen technology, viewing images on the screen in full sunlight is no problem. When tough is simply not enough, reach for the Itronix GD8200. MSRP starts at $4,955.

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Getac B300

Tough as Nails
When the U.S. military decides that the Getac notebooks are tough enough to endure its brand of equipment use, it’s safe to assume that the notebooks are strong enough for any job. If you are seeking greater mobility, connectivity and flexibility in a laptop, take a look at the Getac B300. The B300 is designed with a magnesium alloy case made to endure 24/7 use and extreme fluctuations in temperatures, from below freezing up to 160 degrees, and is sealed tight to withstand accidental spills, dust and debris. The B300 offers an Intel Core processor, up to 3.2 gigahertz, turbo-boost technology and the 4-megabyte L3 Smart Cache, as well as several connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS. Add to it a 30-hour battery life and bumper-to-bumper warranty and you end up with a laptop that can handle almost anything. MSRP starts at $3,799.

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GTBM Info-Cop

Saves Time and Money
You probably know that e-ticketing software helps reduce the financial strain on tight budgets, but did you also know that using e-ticketing software instead of traditional methods of documentation helps reduce the number of human errors and, ultimately, a budget’s bottom line? Statistics show that 10% of traffic citations are dismissed due to incorrect information or administrative data errors. The GTBM Info-Cop system offers a unique feature called Error-Correction that ensures all the information entered on a traffic citation is 100% accurate and all the copies are completely legible. Another popular feature is the 30-second turnaround time it takes to issue a citation, which translates into officers returning to duty quicker. Another timesaving feature is that Info-Cop automatically uploads information into your state AOC. MSRP varies depending on number of vehicle installations and tickets and terms of contract.

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Intermec CN4 Mobile Computer

Handheld e-ticketing devices are quickly becoming the go-to tool for law enforcement. Consider the fact that a typical handwritten ticket takes on average five minutes to write out, while an e-ticket typically takes less than two minutes. The Intermec CN4 Mobile Computer is robust enough for the toughest environments. The Intermec CN4 offers 3.5 G wireless technology, which supports simultaneous voice and data tasks. Additionally, the CN4 delivers enhanced document imaging, Cisco CCX-compatible Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The integrated GPS allows for maximum visibility of the user’s routes. Another popular option is the color camera feature, which is the perfect solution when you need to document events or vehicle inspections. MSRP varies from $1,800 to $2,050.

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Motorola MC55 Mobile Computer

As Tough as Those Who Use It
Rarely, if ever, do lawbreakers stay static, so why should you? The Motorola MC55 Mobile Computer is designed to fit into your shirt pocket, making it one of the smallest and lightest products in the rugged EDA class. The MC55 offers streamlined applications and makes the daunting task of processing a little easier thanks to the fully functioning mobile computer. Additionally, it features a 2-megapixel auto-focus camera, integrated GPS, world-class one- or two-dimensional barcode scanner, wireless data and cellular voice and Bluetooth. Superior impact resistance and an IP54 sealing make it as tough as those who use it. Accessories include the popular magnetic strip reader, which makes gathering information from a driver’s license fast and easy. MSRP $1,700 to $2,300, depending on the features.

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