GTBM Info-Cop

Saves Time and Money
You probably know that e-ticketing software helps reduce the financial strain on tight budgets, but did you also know that using e-ticketing software instead of traditional methods of documentation helps reduce the number of human errors and, ultimately, a budget’s bottom line? Statistics show that 10% of traffic citations are dismissed due to incorrect information or administrative data errors. The GTBM Info-Cop system offers a unique feature called Error-Correction that ensures all the information entered on a traffic citation is 100% accurate and all the copies are completely legible. Another popular feature is the 30-second turnaround time it takes to issue a citation, which translates into officers returning to duty quicker. Another timesaving feature is that Info-Cop automatically uploads information into your state AOC. MSRP varies depending on number of vehicle installations and tickets and terms of contract.

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