AE Light Mark2

AE Light designed the Mark2 LED flashlight with performance in mind. Compact yet powerfully brilliant with 230+ lumen output, the light produces a sharp beam edge-to-edge and delivers 100% brightness. Powered by a standard rechargeable lithium battery, it gives a run time of 3 hours. Additional options include an instant pulse mode, Hi-Low output and easy operation thanks to the switch located at the end of the tail cap of the unit. The Mark2 also provides the user with the confidence of knowing that the light will not illuminate during covert operations. A removable crenellated bezel gives the user a smooth head.

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AE Light Mark2 LED Tactical Flashlight

AE Light introduces the new Mark2 (MK2) LED tactical flashlight, measuring 6.61 inches and weighing only 5.9 ounces. The light’s features include a twist lockout that ensures the MK2 will not inadvertently light in covert operations; textured handgrip; deep parabola reflector that delivers a clean, even beam; unique secondary switch that provides for immediate strobe; CREE R2 LED technology, producing 230-plus lumens at full output; and construction from high-strength aerospace aluminum that is mil-spec hard-anodized for years of harsh use. Runtime is three-plus hours at 100% brightness and 13 hours at 30% brightness, with a projection distance of 300-500 feet.

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ASP 4th Generation Triad

The 4th Generation Triad delivers a mind-numbing 265 lumens of intense light powered by two 3V lithium batteries providing the user with 90 minutes of worry-free use. ASP thought of everything from the waterproof exterior and foam grip to the self-cleaning computer micro switch and advanced heat dissipation feature, all the way down to the built-in thermal management technology that helps keep this Triad cool to the touch. The unique multiposition clip enables the carrier to secure the light in various positions, making this flashlight a great choice for those who demand high performance from their gear.

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Blackhawk! Legacy X9-P

The Legacy X9-P flashlight falls right in line with Blackhawk’s uncompromising company standards. The Legacy X9-P provides users with critical components, such as the Xenon pre-focused premium beam of 120 lumens, and is free of shadows and unwanted artifacts. The Legacy X9-P is housed in a tough-as-nails, anti-roll polymer body with beefy textured grip. The Legacy X9-P is a hair over 6 inches, weighs 5.2 ounces and is designed with output modes to provide a worry-free light source from a name you can trust. The Legacy X9-P operates on three 3V batteries giving it a run time of one hour.

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Browning Control Point

Although the Browning name is synonymous for producing quality firearms, it also makes flashlights such as the Browning Tactical Hunter Control Point flashlight. The unit offers five different levels of light – the highest output at 100%, mid range output at 60%, and low output at 10%, plus three flash-strobe choices. The tactical on/off switch is ideally located on the tailcap for easy manipulation. Browning paired the latest Luxeon LED with 3V lithium batteries that power the 175 lumens. It’s manufactured from high-grade durable aluminum and sealed with an O-ring, which make the unit water resistant and an excellent choice for those who like to have control.

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Browning Hi Power Pen Light

Major Mini Light

Bust darkness with the Hi Power Pen Light, a small but powerful flashlight from Browning. Powered by two AAA batteries and the size of a ballpoint pen, this flashlight is incredibly bright for its size. The Hi Power Pen Light uses Cree XP-C LED lights that create a brightness of 85 lumens. The light will run for 20 hours on the low setting and two hours on the high setting. The Hi Power Pen Light also has a rapid-strobe setting for personal safety and signaling. MSRP $35.

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