What Program Is Right for You?

With more and more police departments requiring four-year and graduate degrees in order for an officer to advance up the professional ladder, your decision to go back to school almost makes itself. Just one more thing: You know that you’re going back to school, but where and what will you study? A survey of the NFOPU consortium school revealed their flagship programs, gathered here as a helpful guide for you, the future student. For more information, visit the Education Connect School Directory.

 If You Want To Study Intelligence:

American Military University
Intelligence Studies

The strength in our program is really based on who our students are: people in the intelligence business who are already coming from a variety of backgrounds, for example, the CIA, NSA, etc. Students learn what can be labeled as intelligence and the process of gathering and analyzing this intelligence and using it. That information may be anything from organized crime to money laundering to human trafficking to terrorist activity.

Jeff Kuhn
Associate Vice President, Business Development

If You Want To Study Management:

Bellevue University
Master of Science in Justice Administration and Crime Management

The Master of Science in Justice Administration and Crime Management degree differs from many criminal justice programs, as the focus does not include the typical corrections and juvenile justice classes, but it is a program that reaches a wider audience through interesting, comprehensive course requirements and a hands-on class curriculum. At the graduate level, the degree is designed to help develop knowledge and competencies needed to assume leadership roles.

Professor Mike Butera
Program Director, Justice Administration and Crime Management

Union Institute & University
Criminal Justice Management

The management program is designed to train the law enforcement and correctional leaders of tomorrow. The CJM program is academically rigorous and students are challenged to think and write critically, creatively and ethically and are required to investigate current issues and cases and provide analysis of their findings. And all UI&U CJM instructors are currently serving in or are retired from law enforcement or corrections — lieutenants, captains, commanders, chiefs of police or sheriffs who have walked in the shoes of their students.

Carolyn Krause
Associate Vice President, Communications

If You Want To Study Criminal Justice:

Liberty University
Criminal Justice

For those currently working in law enforcement, our Criminal Justice Online Degree Program prepares, enables and enhances the student’s ability for retention, promotion and career status. Our foundational criminal justice degrees allow for specializations in homeland security, youth corrections, forensics, business administration and management, criminal psychology, public administration and strategic intelligence. All of our professors are academically accomplished and have substantial practical experience and subject matter expertise in their profession. Plus, Liberty University provides a 25% discount to all public safety personnel who qualify.

Dr. Joel Cox
Criminal Justice Program Director at Liberty University
Helms School of Government

Mineral Area College
Criminal Justice

We tie theory and concepts into real-world applications, providing our graduates with a competitive edge stemming from a perspective of advanced practical experience. And within Missouri, no other public college offers the range of programs or uniquely qualified faculty that is present within our Criminal Justice Program. We are recognized as leaders in the field of higher education for law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, as evidenced by the educational agreements and partnerships established between Mineral Area College and the Missouri State Highway Patrol, as well as the Missouri Department of Corrections. 

Mark Potratz
Director, Department of Public Safety

Upper Iowa University
Criminal Justice

The UIU Criminal Justice Program is directly related to the work the students will do in their professions. It is designed to give them the background and additional help in their profession. We also have a generous transfer policy for accepting learning credits students may have already had in the law enforcement field from their academy. We evaluate that curriculum and then apply college credit, helping them complete their education and reach their degree faster. Plus, the flexibility of UIU’s distance learning programs makes them a terrific fit for law enforcement professionals.

Barb Schultz
Director, Center for Distance Education

If You Want To Study Forensic Psychology:

Tiffin University
Forensic Psychology

Even though we’re a small university, we’ve been able to attract highly qualified practitioners so students get the benefits of individuals with deep roots in the profession. We’ve got faculty with both academic skills and real-life experience, whether it be a police chief, retired military, retired Secret Service, etc. And all of our programs in criminal justice have the same core that break into the major classes. Tiffin is rooted in providing instruction to law enforcement professionals, and our concentrations have grown from those roots.

Dr. Jamie Orr
Dean, School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences

If You Want To Study Emergency Management:

Trident University
Master of Science in Emergency & Disaster Management

Where other programs tend to focus on homeland security, Trident University’s MSEDM program keeps the discussion centered on police work, security and a very narrow view of public safety. Today’s officer needs an education that sees public safety within the larger area of public health. The MSEDM allows officers to expand their horizons and see new possibilities by viewing their work through the lens and tools of public health.

Holly Orozco
Dean of the College of Education and College of Health Services
at Trident University

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