Helping You Unlock Success: Education Connect and NFOPU

As the prerequisites for entry and career advancement in the field of law enforcement have changed, the National Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP) has stepped up to help its members achieve success and adapt to the new demands of their jobs by offering educational opportunities through the National Fraternal Order of Police University (NFOPU). 

Launched in 2007, NFOPU is a partnership between the NFOP and a consortium of specially selected, accredited universities that offer online degrees and special benefits for law enforcement professionals. In addition to accommodating fluctuating schedules — a huge obstacle for many officers in achieving their educational goals — NFOPU benefits include credit for academy training, tuition scholarships and highly relevant areas of study such as criminal justice, public administration and organizational leadership. Nontraditional degree programs are also available to officers who want to specialize in areas such as information technology, homeland security, family counseling and many more options. Partner schools have already helped dozens of FOP members achieve their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and hundreds more FOP members are currently enrolled in degree programs. 

Explore the full suite of resources available to jump start your career here at Education Connect — your key to the latest information on schools and programs, continuing education opportunities and articles relevant to career advancement.

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