Redfield Battlezone

The Battlezone features fully multicoated lenses, Bullet Drop Compensation System, TAC-MOA reticle and tactile/audible ¼-MOA finger click adjustments. The Bullet Drop Compensation System comes with two adjustment dials calibrated in two of the most popular calibers for tactical rifles. The .223/5.56mm NATO dial is set up for 55gr bullets at 3,100 FPS. The second dial is calibrated for 168 gr .308/7.62mm NATO bullets at 2650 fps. Each dial is marked in 50-yard increments. The TAC-MOA reticle features stadia lines on the horizontal and vertical crosshairs set at two minute of angle (MOA) increments. This allows the marksman to quickly holdover for wind or elevation, and can be used for range estimation on objects of known size. MSRP $250.

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