Glock G21 Gen4

Although the Glock 21 Gen 4 (G21 G4) looks bulky compared to a G34, it does not feel that way in the hand. The G21 G4 uses the same grip profile as the G21SF, but can also be customized with the included additional back straps. The real story of the G21 G4 is the new recoil extractor, which significantly reduces recoil compared to previous Glocks. The reversible mag catch will be a plus for southpaws, and a .45 with a 13 + 1 capacity will pique any gun nut’s interest. Previous Glock mags won’t fit the G4, but that is just an excuse to buy something new. Besides, Glock has always done a great job of holding down the price on spare magazines. No MSRP available.

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