Elbeco V2 Vest Carrier

Comfortable Command Presence

Elbeco developed the Classic V2 Series Vest Carrier to balance appearance with performance. Externally worn body armor is undeniably useful, but it can contrast dramatically with the look and feel of law enforcement uniforms. While concealable body armor may look better, it can be highly uncomfortable and restrictive. Some officers choose not to wear their body armor at all, denying themselves much-needed protection. The V2 is designed to resolve these issues, combining professional image with comfort and functionality. Its features include a unique adjustable cummerbund stretch waistband that makes it easy to don and prevents the vest from riding up, document pockets for stealth storage, functional epaulets with a mic opening, fluid-repellent and antimicrobial fabric, and styling that matches the look of a traditional uniform shirt. With 17 stock sizes available, the V2 can accommodate the majority of existing body armor panels on the market as well as most individual body types. MSRP $95. 

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