Bushnell Elite Tactical

The tactical SMRS 1-8.5x24mm scope combines close-quarter precision with outstanding mid-range capability. With true one-power magnification, this scope delivers instant target acquisition at close range combined with the ability to acquire targets at extended ranges by taking advantage of the versatile magnification range. The scope is built with a 34 mm tube to allow room to dial at extended ranges, and features sturdy T-Lok locking target turrets with .1-mil click values and 10 mils per revolution. The riflescope features the versatile Ignition illuminated BTR-2 reticle with 11 brightness settings (an off position between each setting) for quick adjustments in any light condition. The Ignition reticle increases overall brightness at any setting, with improved concentration of light on the illuminated portion of the reticle. The mil-hash BTR-2 reticle is designed to allow marksmen to quickly make range, holdover and windage adjustments. The reticle has chromium backing on the muzzle side to eliminate the possibility of light emitting from the front of the scope. MSRP $2,149.

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