Gun Buddy 1* LLC Tactical Rifle Locking System

Gun Buddy 1* is an advanced tactical assault rifle locking system. We recognize that computers, cameras and emergency equipment have forced lifesaving shoulder weapons to be stored in trunks. Gun Buddy 1* also understands that aftermarket attachments make most locking systems unusable for securing assault rifles — that was until Gun Buddy 1* developed a cutting-edge system putting tactical accessibility and security together — uninhibited by aftermarket attachments. The locking system is transferrable, secured on passenger floorboards with free movement, accessible to officers from driver’s position and available with remote release or hardwire option.

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Safety Vision ICOP Pro HD

Safety Vision

Safety Vision designed a fully integrated solution – the ICOP PRO HD in-car video system and the Prima Elite body camera. Both in-car video systems and body cameras each have capabilities that the other cannot do. The portability and vantage points of a body camera, in conjunction with the unique information an in-car video system collects, helps capture the whole truth. These two systems complement each other, not replace one another. As technology advances and develops, it is making it more possible to not only create an integrated solution, but to perfect it.

Safety Vision

Safety Vision

Safety Vision has earned a solid reputation in the Law Enforcement market. We provide officers with rugged and dependable in-car video systems and body-worn camera solutions that capture the whole truth. The ICOP PRO HD captures vehicle license plates, road signs, and subject’s faces, all in great detail enhancing critical video evidence. When integrating with Safety Vision’s Prima Elite body worn camera, users can now  capture incidents from multiple points-of-view to form a single visual narrative. Two systems working together as one for high-quality evidentiary video.

Safety Vision ICOP® PRO In-Car Video Solution

The ICOP PRO is Safety Vision’s latest incar-video solution. The system combines an advanced digital video recorder with the new Power Control Monitor (PCM) to put officers in command of recording and reviewing video. The ICOP PRO utilizes an innovative mirror recording feature to back up captured video. Mirror recording duplicates recorded data to a removable SD card, preventing accidental deletion and reducing liability. Video may be pulled via USB flash drive or downloaded wirelessly. The PRO has been engineered to ensure compatibility with the most popular legacy ICOP components, the MCAM2/CFRC cameras and the EXTREME wireless mic. For more info, go to