MF Tactical Pro T6-1000-4

MF Tactical offers a complete line of tactical LED flashlights. At just $64.99, the Pro T6-1000-4 features a state-of-the-art XML-T6 1000 lumen max emitter with four tactical modes and flash memory that remembers your last mode used. Constructed out of anodized aircraft aluminum and watertight with rubber O-ring seals, this professional-grade flashlight puts out many times the light of competitors that cost twice as much. Customize your order with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and an extended range SMO reflector, gun mount and/or remote pressure switch. FOP members use discount code FOP2013SIX for a 6% discount.

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MF Tactical Pro Tango U2 EX

Meet our top-of-the-line EDC rechargeable lithium-ion powered tactical LED flashlight. The high-quality Pro Tango U2 EX features an 1100-lumen max Cree U2 LED emitter, has five modes, “momentary on” function and can achieve an astonishing extended run time of 4 hours on high and 12 hours on low. Lightweight, only 9 inches long, constructed of military-grade level III anodized aircraft aluminum and sealed watertight, this makes the perfect everyday carry tactical LED flashlight. Pro Tango Series flashlights can be accessorized with your choice of rechargeable li-ion batteries, AC/ DC charger, holster, color filters, gun mount and remote switch. See it at  FOP members use discount code FOP2015SIX for a 6% discount off the $119.99 price (batteries not included) plus free shipping on any order of $100 or more.

MF Tactical Victor U2 EX

The Victor U2 EX is a high performance, rechargeable tactical flashlight designed specifically for the demands of law enforcement. This high-quality LED flashlight features an 1100-lumen-max Cree U2 LED emitter, has a two-stage button with momentary on, and can run up to four hours per charge. Lightweight, only 9 inches long, constructed of military-grade level III anodized aircraft aluminum and watertight, it’s the perfect everyday-carry flashlight. Victor Series flashlights can be accessorized with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, AC/DC charger, holster, color filters, gun mount and remote switch. See it at 5Q5-1200-5’s 5Q5-1200-5, with five pre-focused Cree® LED emitters, is the brightest light we’ve ever offered. And its $58.99 price is just one of the features you’ll love. With 1200 max lumens, the aircraft aluminum 5Q5-1200-5 puts out 26x the light of the 3-D Maglite®. You’ll be amazed to see how much light can be output by a state-of-the-art LED flashlight. With five tactical modes and memory, this is the Monster of flashlights. Outfit yours with your choice of optional li-ion batteries, chargers and a case with a shoulder strap.

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The flashlight freaks at have created a line of high-end, tactical flashlights using state-of-the-art LED technology that maximizes output and efficiency. At just $55.99, the P7D-900-5 features a quad die LED emitter with a maximum 900 lumens output and five modes with memory that returns to the last mode used. It’s constructed of anodized aircraft aluminum, sealed watertight with rubber O-rings and customizable with your choice of standard or extended capacity rechargeable Li-ion batteries, AC/DC charger, holster, gun mount and remote pressure switch.

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The PowerStar is the brightest full-featured tactical LED flashlight ever designed for law enforcement use. The PowerStar blazes its way with a max 3,000 lumens output and five tactical modes with flash memory that returns to the last mode used. The direct-access strobe blinds with a searing strobe without fumbling with buttons or dials. The PowerStar is solidly constructed out of military-grade level III anodized aircraft aluminum and is water-tight. See this beauty at and add extended-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and your choice of AC or AC/DC charger.

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