Maui Jim MauiPure

Go-to Sunglasses for Those on the Go

Designed for wearers with active lifestyles, the MauiPure lenses stand out in the optical industry for their optical brilliance courtesy of SuperThin glass and excellent scratch- and impact-resistant properties. The hybrid, injection-molded, de-centered lenses are ultra-light with an ABBE value that exceeds 50. The PolarizedPlus2 technology and bi-gradient mirrors protect eyes from 100% of harmful UV rays and 99% of glare. Polarized- Plus2 also provides color enhancement. Each 8-base rimless style features beta-titanium temples and adjustable Rabalon nose bridges for ultra-lightweight comfort. The three styles, Mala, Nakale and Olowalu, come in three colors: Black, Rootbeer and Copper or Translucent Grey. Three lens colors are available: Neutral Grey offers the highest level of light reduction for bright, sunny days; HCL Bronze enhances contrast in variable conditions; and Maui High Transmission is the lens for when most lenses would be too dark. Not available in prescription. MSRP $319.

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Radians Adrenaline Safety Eyeglasses

Adrenaline safety eyeglasses provide the protection officers need without the extra bulk that the name suggests. When most think of safety glasses, they recall the goggles worn in high school biology classes or the clear glasses worn in shop classes. However, there has been an evolution in eyewear that incorporates function and fashion, raising the bar for distributors and providing consumers with economical and stylish ways to protect their vision. Radians, which also licenses Remington personal protective equipment, strives to provide the most radically different and safest products on the market. Adrenaline features lightweight aluminum frames, glare-blocking polarized lenses, reverse hinges, an adjustable rubber nosepiece, rubber-tipped temples, neck cord and hard case. MSRP $25.

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Radians Eclipse RXT

Combining vision protection with style, the Eclipse RXT features polarized lenses in multiple colors that reduce glare. Photochromic technology allows the lenses to darken or lighten depending to the amount of UV rays to which they’re exposed. In addition, the frameless design provides an unobstructed view, while the aluminum alloy temples provide lightweight comfort with durable strength. The Radians Eclipse RXT exceeds ANSI Z87+ standards. MSRP $60.

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Radians Remington T-71 Safety Glasses

Whether you’re on-duty, off-duty or simply practicing at the range, think about all the dangers that come in close proximity to your eyes, including environmental factors such as wind, dust and chips from incoming targets or ricochets. Radians’ Remington T-71 Safety Glasses exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact standards and feature Radians’ scratch-resistant hardcoat and 99.9% UVA and UVB protection. Lens colors include clear, clear anti-fog, smoke, smoke anti-fog, amber, silver mirror, indoor/outdoor and green mirror. Available with transition lenses, adjustable nosepieces and neck cords. MSRP $7.

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Revision Military Ltd. Sawfly Military Eyewear System

The Sawfly Military Eyewear System provides military-grade protection and performance with high-contrast yellow lenses for excellent color recognition and depth perception, making this your secret weapon for shooting or target practice. The three-lens deluxe kit comes in three sizes for a perfect fit. The Sawfly Military Eyewear System features an impact rating that exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 and meets U.S. military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles (MIL-PRF-31013, Clause These glasses also feature anti-scratch lenses to resist a wide range of chemicals, including DEET. The lean, extendable arms guarantee the utmost comfort, equipment compatibility and a stay-put fit. The thin design ensures hearing protection and that headsets work as intended, while the overmolded underframe provides shock absorption and grip. Optional prescription lenses are also available. MSRP $80.

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Revision Military Ltd. Vipertail Ballistic Sunglasses

Revision Military Ltd.’s Vipertail Ballistic Sunglasses provide law enforcement personnel with ballistic eye protection in everyday, wearable sunglasses that are far from ordinary. These ultra-lightweight specs offer long-wear comfort, high-impact protection and flawless optics, as well as block 100% of UV rays. With anti-scratch lenses and reinforced hinges for the ultimate durability, they’re also tough enough to throw in the cruiser. Vipertail Ballistic Sunglasses feature an impact rating that exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 and meets U.S. military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles (MIL-PRF-31013, Clause The precision-manufactured lenses ensure distortion-free vision. MSRP $70.

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