Holsters: What You Should Know

When it comes to buying a holster, certain features must be evaluated to ensure that your safety won’t be compromised. Pick up a copy of the Summer 2011 issue of the FOP Journal to find out how to test a holster’s level of security, concealment, comfort and accessibility, from basic tip tests to more aggressive means of putting a holster through its paces.

Looking to buy a holster? Check out the following manufacturers.

CrossBreed Holsters: (888) 732-5011www.crossbreedholsters.com 
DeSantis Gunhide: (800) 424-1236, www.desantisholster.com
Safariland Duty Gear: (800) 347-1200, www.safariland.com
Aker International: (619) 423-5182, www.akerleather.com 
FOBUS Holsters & Pouches: (267) 803-1517, www.fobusholster.com
Galco Gunleather: (800) 874-2526, www.usgalco.com
Boston Leather: (815) 622-1635, www.bostonleather.com
BLACKHAWK!: (800) 694-5263, www.blackhawk.com
Diamondback Firearms: (888) 380-2767, www.diamondbackfirearms.com

To read the full article, check out the Summer 2011 issue of the FOP Journal.

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