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Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holster

Safety Made Simple
Its father has been on-duty and mission-ready for 15 years. Its mother was the first injection-molded Kydex Concealment Holster. Real-world performance requirements dictated the development of a retention holster that could be mastered using gross motor skills in nearly any condition. The Reflex Holster comes standard with belt-loop and paddle attachments. The belt loop is styled in a traditional pancake design and will accommodate a 1- to 1¾-inch belt. The Reflex Holster locks tight and uses the ergonomics of the drawing action — by shifting the butt of the weapon toward the body — to release it from the retention lug. (Gun not included)

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Sage Control Ordance, Inc. Deuce Launcher System

One Launcher, Two Shots
If you or your department is ready to move away from bulky, complicated launchers, or if you want to upgrade from a single-shot “gas-gun,” check out the Deuce Launcher System. The Deuce Revolution is the dressed-up, fully equipped version. Standard features are the same as for the Standard Deuce, but with an added forward-grip mount, sight rail, MagPul stock, sling, rear sight module, 20/40 sight module or 60/80 sight module and Pelican Case. The Deuce Launcher System is available in three caliber variants: 37mm Sage, 40 millimeter x 46 NATO and 37 millimeter smooth bore.

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Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, LLC Dialyt Field Spotter

Field Peeping Made Easy
This compact spotter features multi-layer coatings, a large lens diameter and high-light transmission that allows for easy observation at lower magnifications in low-light conditions, making it perfect for surveillance or tactical viewing. Smaller than a full-blown spotting scope, the Dialyt Field Spotter brings the advantages of quick deployment and fits easily into a backpack. If necessary, the Dialyt can be rested on a pack or rock or leaned against a tree for further stabilization at higher magnifications. This spotter also has threads for a tripod mount to provide a stable platform for lengthier periods of observation.

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L-3 Communications, Warrior Systems Division, Insight Operations WL1-AA

Affordable Illumination
The WL1-AA is the first tactical weapon light to offer powerful performance on AA batteries, producing 150-plus lumens for up to 90 minutes from an incredibly durable LED. In the past, agencies using their lights on multiple weapon systems noticed that inconsistencies in rail sizes between weapons caused fit problems. Insight’s Quick Release Rail-Grabber Mount provides fast and solid attachment while keeping a low profile and delivers a rock-solid fit on rails that meet MIL-STD-1913, as well as on most that don’t. The four-position adjustment crossbar provides precision adjustment of the light fore and aft on the rail.

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Aimpoint Micro T1

Lasting Illumination
Red-dot sights aren’t new, but Aimpoint’s exclusive Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology (ACET) is revolutionary. ACET improves the life of the single three-volt battery, as these sights can withstand nearly 50,000 hours (over five years on setting 7 out of 10) of constant use. Lens surfaces are optically ground (not cast) for optimum clarity. Proprietary housing and a lens-sealing material keeps electronic and lens surfaces dry, fog-free and functional regardless of weather. The Micro T1 (with a black finish) is designed for tactical use and includes band-pass lens coating with six night-vision and seven daylight settings for compatibility with all night-vision devices.

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To read the full article, check out the Summer 2011 issue of the FOP Journal.

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