Memorial Print

In honor of National Police Week and those who gave everything, FOP member Rose Borisow has created a memorial print that can be personalized with the name of a fallen officer.

Rose Borisow, a law enforcement officer and FOP member, has created a memorial print just for the FOP to commemorate National Police Week and to raise money for the FOP Auxiliary. The print was inspired by survivors and fellow officers she works with and commemorates the healing aspect of the service and what it means to the surviving friends and family members of the fallen officers honored each year.

To order the FOP memorial print, go to and click on “FOP Print.” Prints can be personalized with a flag or item in the banner to represent any state, lodge or agency. Simply email a PDF or JPEG of the badge, emblem or flag, preferably on a light/white background.

Borisow is donating 40% of each sale to the FOP to help pay for the memorial service.

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