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When it comes to your firearm, why settle for the basics? By adding on a few key accessories, you can take your weapon from standard to superior. For example, enhanced sights focus on long-distance targets, lasers pinpoint trajectory for improved accuracy and, of course, lights provide necessary illumination to a scene.


aimshot-tx860-flashlightAIMSHOTTX860 Flashlight
Shining Bright

The TX860 flashlight is new to the AimSHOT catalog. The rail-mounted pistol LED light supplies beams in high, low and strobe settings, and ambidextrous buttons mean no readjusting between users. The lithium-ion battery can be recharged via a standard USB port. Not only does the attachment add very little weight to the weapon (less than 2 ounces) its heat sinks and reflector features help minimize heat output. MSRP $99.99.

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aimpoint-micro-t-2-sightAIMPOINTMicro T-2 Sight
Spot On

Aimpoint developers acted on customer feedback to improve its red-dot sight. The result is the Micro T-2, which incorporates cutting-edge lens coatings to refine shapes and clarity even further. Reinforced turrets improve housing body security. At the same time, the Micro T-2 retains earlier highlights, including compatibility with different firearm classes and various generations of night-vision devices. MSRP $863.

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browning-blackout-6v-headlampBROWNINGBlackout 6V Headlamp
High Beam

Released in 2016, the Browning Blackout 6V Headlamp presents a powerful profile. Its white CREE LED reaches a maximum 730 lumens, with three brightness options plus a stealthy green LED. The battery life clocks in at three hours on high and 48 hours on low. ANSI drop-test rated to 1 meter, the head plate showcases soft rubber and an anodized all-aluminum body. MSRP $99.99.

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benelli-le-vinci-7-shot-magazine-assemblyBENELLILE Vinci 7-Shot Magazine Assembly
Extended Use

Notable gunmaker Benelli realizes that the needs of law enforcement professionals differ from those of sportsmen or recreational shooters, so it specifically created the LE Vinci 7-Shot Magazine Assembly with the officer in mind. The extension adds to the shotgun’s overall capacity as part of the Vinci’s innovative, efficient operating system. MSRP $349.

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lasermax-spartan-light-and-laserLASERMAXSpartan Light & Laser
A Colorful Choice

LaserMax allows users to select either red or green variants with its popular Spartan Light & Laser, the second offering in the company’s award-winning Spartan series. Using Rail Vise Technology to adjust to various rail platforms, this model features dual electronic touch pads and is the first from the manufacturer to utilize an AAA battery. Plus, it comes with a five-year warranty. MSRP $175 for red; $215 for green.

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brownells-52-inches-hard-rifle-caseBROWNELLS52″ Hard Rifle Case
Simply Secure

It may look like a basic case, but the 52” Hard Rifle Case by Brownells is designed to create a secure home for rifles. The exterior adds the first layer of protection, including dual-stage lockable latches and a built-in pressure valve, while the interior houses pluckable foam to cushion weapons, even during bumpy travel via airplane or vehicle. MSRP $144.99.

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gunbunker-gs-1-safeGUNBUNKERGS-1 Safe
Safe and Sound

The Gunbunker GS-1 mobile safe measures less than 3 inches tall, so it conveniently fits under car or truck seats or mounts to large center consoles, yet it is large enough to hold most small and mid-size handguns. Secured with 24-inch steel braided cable, it is highly resistant to wire cutters and even bolt cutters. The three-layer steel locking mechanism requires a key to open, but the quick pop-up spring allows for instant access to the hidden firearm. FOP members receive a discount through www.corporatetravelsafety.com. MSRP $129.95.

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viridian-x5l-laser-lightVIRIDIANX5L Laser/Light
At the Ready

The Viridian X5L green laser and CREE LED-powered tac-light features the company’s proprietary ECR Instant-On activation technology. When used with an ECR-equipped holster, the X5L automatically switches on as soon as the gun is drawn, saving critical seconds when it counts most. The X5L offers more than six hours of constant runtime and more than 10 hours of pulsing usage, outputting 178 lumens on continuous and 224 lumens in strobe mode. Law enforcement professionals qualify for a 20% discount when ordered directly from Viridian. MSRP $409.

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steiner-eoptics-sbal-pl-laser-lightSTEINER EOPTICSSBAL-PL Laser/Light
Convenient Combo

Sometimes you need to light up a scene. Sometimes you want a laser guide. And sometimes you have no time to swap between technologies. Steiner eOptics combines both functions in its SBAL-PL, a pistol-mounted green laser and white flashlight. The laser offers a low parallax so users can control the differential between point-of-aim and point-of-impact for better accuracy. The powerful 500-lumens SBAL-PL weighs in at less than 4 ounces and boasts an adjustable butterfly mounting system. MSRP $764.99.

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gardall-safe-corporation-bgf6024-safeGARDALL SAFE CORPORATIONBGF6024 Safe
Tried and Tested

When considering home storage options for handguns and rifles, don’t forget to look at fire protection as well as anti-burglary characteristics. The BGF6024-C or BGF6024-E standalone gun safe features a double layer of fire protection, and has been tested at 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. The locking device boasts a spy-proof dial and three-way locking bolts. Standing at nearly 5 feet tall, the safe has 16 gun slots. MSRP: $2,095.

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