Warming Up to Winter

warming-up-to-winter-headerFor law enforcement professionals, high-performance clothing is a necessity, because there’s no place for distractions caused by discomfort, poor fit or malfunctions. That’s true any time of year, but when winter weather hits, staying warm and dry is essential for officers conducting duties in the field. If you live and work in a region that’s susceptible to freezing wind or copious amounts of precipitation, you can’t wear just any old jacket or boot and hope to stay comfortable. The key to outsmarting Mother Nature this time of year is to look for certain clothing attributes, such as waterproof, insulated and lined. Here’s a quick sampling of beat-the-sleet items designed with the law enforcement professional in mind.

beat-the-heat-win-itTru-Spec H2O Proof 3-In-1 Jacket
Multiseason Cover-Up

Talk about bang for your buck. tru-spec-h2o-proof-3-in-1-jacketThis jacket accommodates varying temperatures and weather factors. For bitterly cold days, zip in the parka lining. On mild days, skip the liner or opt to wear the Inner Cumulus jacket on its own. Together, however, the double-layered jacket is waterproof and windproof. Other features in the improved Tru-Spec H2O Proof 3-In-1 Jacket are large chest pockets with zipper closures, a detachable hood and a side zipper to grant easy access to duty belts. Sizes range from extra small to 5XL. MSRP $243.95.

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5.11 Tactical Taclite Flannel Pant
Full-Length Comfort

5.11-tactical-taclite-flannel-pantIf you’re already a fan of the 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pant, then you’ll really appreciate the Taclite Flannel Pant. This new design highlights an integrated flannel lining that extends the garment’s wearability into harsh environments. The pant’s outer fabric remains the durable poly/cotton blend with a Teflon finish that resists staining. Closest to your skin, though, is 100% cotton flannel with a luxurious carbonized peach face. There’s also a configuration of multiple pockets and hip-mounted D-rings for convenient key or identification storage. Comes in black, khaki or dark navy. MSRP $74.99.

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Danner Gavre Boot
Firm Footing

danner-gavre-bootAre you required to patrol over rugged terrain? Maybe you simply enjoy hiking year-round. Either way, going off road on foot means maintaining sure footing with every step. Constructed to perform in mountain warfare situations, the Danner Gavre Boot can handle surfaces ranging from snowy or muddy trails to steep, slippery slopes. Offering high stability via a fully rubberized outsole and integrated polypropylene board, a keen feature for winter is the flexible lacing system. Not only does it move with each step for a consistent and comfortable fit, but the system retains flexibility in any temperature. A Gore-Tex waterproof lining protects feet from rain and snow. MSRP $200.

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blauer-armorskin-winter-base-shirtbeat-the-heat-win-itBlauer ArmorSkin Winter Base Shirt and ArmorSkin
Made to Move

Police officers already layer up with safety gear every day, so adding extra layers in the winter can quickly become cumbersome. While outerwear is a must during the winter months, you don’t have to exchange agility for warmth while wearing the Blauer ArmorSkin Winter Base Shirt under its ArmorSkin. The Base Shirt is lined with a moisture-wicking 215-gram microfleece for warmth that accommodates a broad range of motion and easy access to equipment. blauer-armorskin-winter-armorskinSlip on the ArmorSkin over the Base Shirt for a uniformed look. The top piece can be adjusted at both the shoulders and sides to cover protective gear. MSRP $64.99 for ArmorSkin Winter Base Shirt; $84.99 for ArmorSkin.

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beat-the-heat-win-itDamascus Gear DZ-9 SubZero Glove
Hand Heater

damascus-gear-dz-9-subzero-gloveFrozen fingers impede police work, which is why gloves are a definite must-have on the job. Damascus Gear designs specifically for law enforcement and military personnel, and its DZ-9 SubZero Glove is up to the task of a high-demand job in any weather condition. The company guarantees warm hands in frigid temperatures. The pre-curved design maximizes comfort and the full-leather palms aid a sure grip. Glove sizes vary from small to XXL. MSRP $43.20.

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Rocky Broadhead Duty Boot
Defy the Downpour

rocky-broadhead-duty-bootEven if you don’t walk a beat, policing is tough on the feet. It’s important to maintain happy, healthy and, most importantly, dry feet. Rocky offers a 100% guarantee that your feet will stay completely dry in its Broadhead Duty Boot. A spacer mesh allows proper ventilation to prevent sweating, plus you’ll enjoy EVA footbeds and midsoles that make these duty boots feel like athletic shoes and help fight off foot fatigue. MSRP $116.99.

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beat-the-heat-win-itGalls Agent LTC Jacket
Tough Outer Shell

galls-agent-ltc-jacketNot every region falls prey to winter’s wild whims. Maybe instead of freezing temperatures, there’s a slight chill in the air, just enough to require a jacket. That’s the ideal scenario for the Galls Agent LTC Jacket. This new design is constructed out of a waterproof polyester shell and lined with fleece. Ten-inch side zippers with snap tabs mean unobstructed access to duty gear or weapons. MSRP $39.99.

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SealSkinz Thermal Waterproof Cap
Top It Off

sealskinz-thermal-waterproof-capExposing your head during rough weather can leave you wet and cold, so be sure to cover it up with a cap meant to repel moisture. The Thermal Waterproof Cap by SealSkinz has received a thermal rating of four, designating it fit for subzero climates. Made of durable, breathable and flexible material, it is also windproof. Pull-out earflaps provide extra coverage. MSRP $55.

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LawPro Waterproof Insulated Duty Glove
Warm to the Touch

lawpro-waterproof-insulated-gloveLawPro employed a multifaceted approach to creating its Waterproof Insulated Duty Glove. First is the HiPora liner for waterproof protection. Then there’s a Thinsulate Insulation to block out cold and trap heat. Another element is GripSkin palms to ensure a firm grasp in inclement weather. Finally, neoprene keeps air flowing, prohibiting sweat buildup, and Velcro wristbands adjust to your perfect fit. MSRP $26.29.

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Hammacher Schlemmer Waterproof Sock
High and Dry

hammacher-schlemmer-waterproof-sockFleece jackets are great at keeping the upper body warm, but what about your lowest extremities? Hammacher Schlemmer’s Waterproof Socks have been tested to keep the heat in extremely cold temperatures, even as low as -30 Fahrenheit. Dual layers work together to stay dry, including an expedition-weight, double-velour Polartec fleece that wicks moisture away from sensitive skin. These socks must also pass a test to make sure that they prevent leaks. MSRP $54.95.

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