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The human eye is only capable of so much. According to research at Texas A&M University, human vision, on average, cannot extend even as far as the horizon, which occurs at approximately three miles from where one is standing. Researchers have also discovered that humans naturally have difficulty discerning different degrees of brightness. That’s where technology can make a big difference. Not only do optical devices bring clarity, they extend your line of sight, filter out disrupting environmental conditions and discern elements in low light. Tools such as night vision empower law enforcement professionals to gauge darkened scenes; while scopes magnify objects and can calculate for wind and other factors that affect a shooter’s accuracy. Then there are products that combine the different technologies to further aid LE professionals in their duties. Following are some of the newest night vision and optics products showcasing state-of-the-art technology.

flir-systems-thermosight-t70FLIR Systems
ThermoSight T70
Clip-on Clarity

Versatility is key to the ThermoSight T70 advanced thermal weapon sight by FLIR Systems Inc. For example, it’s compatible with any Picatinny rail. Plus, it can be clipped on in front of day optics or rail mounted to function as a thermal weapon sight. Operators will appreciate the mini joystick, optimally located at the user’s thumb, to select from multiple control settings. The settings can also can also be operated via a wired remote control pad, which enables shooters to control the sight and adjust the image without changing hand positions. MSRP $14,900.

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Night Optics
Micro Series Ultra Compact Thermal Monoculars
A Powerful Handful

night-optics-micro-series-ultra-compact-thermal-monocularsJust because a product comes in a little package doesn’t mean it lacks power or functionality. A perfect example is Night Optic’s new Micro Series Ultra Compact Thermal Monoculars. Neither the Micro 1 nor Micro 2 model is bigger than the average adult palm, but both offer four polarity options, an accelerometer, a video-out option and 1x, 2x, and 4x digital magnification, all housed within a shockproof casing. Micro 1 is a 19mm fixed-focus monocular and Micro 2 is a 20mm variable focus design. Each can be mounted for head, helmet, tripod or weapon use. MSRP $6,199.99 and up.

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night-vision-depot-nvd-bnvd-binocularNight Vision Depot
NVD-BNVD Binocular
Double Vision

Night Vision Depot’s NVD-BNVD Binocular looks like a traditional dual-tube night vision device, but this model can double as a monocular, too. Simply choose which side to use for your night vision eye, then rotate the other side or arm of the binocular upward, out of the way. The product comes with a 10-year warranty, can be submersed up to 66 feet and averages more than 36 hours of battery life with a lithium AA battery. MSRP $8,895.

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Nightforce Optics
SHV 4-14×50 F1 Riflescope
In Sight

nightforce-optics-shv-riflescopeEarlier this year, Nightforce Optics Inc., released the SHV 4-14×50 F1 Riflescope, the newest addition to its award-winning SHV product line. This is the company’s first riflescope to utilize first focal plane reticle technology. Intelligent reticles with preselected illumination offer 11 brightness settings, which can be turned off to save power, then recalled with a one-click dial rotation, meaning no more sorting through multiple settings. Additionally, the riflescope features windage and elevation adjustments in .25 MOA or .1 milliradian increments. MSRP $1,290.

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laser-technology-trupulse-tactical-laser-rangefinderLaser Technology
TruPulse Tactical Laser Rangefinder
Accurate Alignment

Developed specifically for SWAT and law enforcement snipers, the TruPulse Tactical Laser Rangefinder from Laser Technology Inc. supplies optimum accuracy through premier, seven-power magnification optics and a ballistics solver. The handheld rangefinder allows shooters to build up to five custom ballistics profiles via proprietary software that also computes the effects of barometric pressure, temperature, and range and tilt data — all to eliminate the need for manual adjustments when time is of the essence. MSRP $2,195.

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Q14 Long-wave Infrared Multifunctional Thermal Imaging Monocular
Small but Mighty

armasight-q14-long-wave-infrared-multifunctional-thermal-imaging-monocularThe new Q14 Long-wave Infrared Multifunctional Thermal Imaging Monocular (LIMTIM) is so compact that it conveniently fits inside a standard shirt pocket, and weighs only 240 grams with battery. What’s more, LIMTIM contains two integral rail mounts, so it can go from a head/helmet position to a weapon position without disengaging one mount for the other. Other highlights include a digital compass and inclinometer and proprietary software to fine-focus images and adjust to the operator’s standards. A multi-pin connector allows the user to import data and software, export a video signal or hook up to external batteries. MSRP $5,169.

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knights-armament-anpvs-30-weapon-sightKnight’s Armament
AN/PVS-30 Weapon Sight
Military Precision

Law enforcement sharpshooters will appreciate the craftsmanship built into the AN/PVS-30 by Knight’s Armament. This product boasts Gen 3 light intensification night vision applicable to most rifles and day scopes, while its refractive lens supplies high performance light collection. Used by the U.S. Army for long-range rifles, the sight’s patented, universal technology will not degrade the accuracy of bore-sighted scopes, and when added in front, it doesn’t impede the existing optics, eye relief or cheek weld. Choose between a flat black matte finish or desert sand brown, both of which are resistant to corrosion. MSRP $12,646.
PHOTO NAME: _KnightsPVS-30

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Pulsar Quantum
XD38S Monocular
Updated and Upgraded

pulsar-quantum-xd38s-monocularCheck out Pulsar’s newest edition to its popular Quantum series, the Quantum XD38S Thermal Scope monocular. An advanced OLED display and microbolometer sensor with seven different color palette modes allow officers to clearly view a scene under various conditions and for various purposes. For example, the red hot mode only registers high heat signatures, such as the human body, so it is well-suited for search and rescue operations as well as surveillance. This model offers 2x and 4x digital zoom functions. Developers chose a glass-nylon composite to keep the gear lightweight and able to ward off wear-and-tear from harsh conditions.
MSRP $4,799.99.

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carl-zeiss-sports-optics-victory-v8-riflescopeCarl Zeiss Sports Optics
Victory V8 Riflescope
Long-Range Vision

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics recently introduced the Victory V8, a new line of illuminated riflescopes. All four models incorporate a 36mm tube design and a fluoride lenses HT glass system. A fiber-optical light system projects one of the finest illuminated dots, thinner than a human hair, for precision shooting, whether you wish to use it for hunting or in competitive shooting trials as well as on the job. External lenses are protected from scratches and damage by a coating of LotuTec. MSRP from $2,889 to $4,111.

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Carson Optical
HookUpz Universal Adapter
Smart Attachment

carson-optical-hookupz-universal-adapterWhat can’t you use your smartphone for? Wouldn’t it be nice to use it with binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes or night vision technology to gain another perspective as well as to record images? That’s exactly what the HookUpz Universal Adapter from Carson Optical does. It connects most popular smartphone models with a vast array of optics (except riflescopes), to digiscope, or captures digital images through an optical device. The HookUpz also has a self-centering clamp with release grips so you can switch between different optics devices and have it automatically re-center images. MSRP $89.

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