Gearing Up


When hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people gather in one locale for whatever reason — from political or social outrage to musical festivals — it can be peaceful and purposeful, but it also can turn chaotic and horrendous without much warning. When you’re assigned to crowd control, you have to be prepared for all kinds of circumstances, and that includes protecting yourself from bodily harm. From masks to shields and with less-than-lethal weapons in between, it pays to be ready for ugly and unruly.

PROTECH Tactical R2S System Ballistic Helmet

Sized Right

The new R2S (Ratchet Retention Suspension) System for PROTECH ballistic helmets borrows technology from construction and industrial safety gear to give law enforcement professionals personal security on the scene. An easy-to-grip knob at the base of this helmet enables wearers to make quick adjustments for an ultimate fit. A four-point mesh crown system, height-adjustable floating pad and chinstrap allow users to customize the fit for both security and comfort. A removable nape pad adds even more stability. MSRP $590.

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BlackHawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Backpack Tool Kit

Easy Entry

The four-piece Dynamic Entry Tactical Backpack Tool Kit has everything you need to gain access. The DE-BM Boltmaster Bolt Cutter slices through security chains, chain link fences and non-hardened locks. The DE-TM Thundermaul is an axe and sledge combo, and the handle will not absorb glass shards. The DE-SOHT Special Operations Hallagan Tool features a fork and horn for prying and breaching. Each tool is non-conductive up to 100,000 volts AC. The 60ME00BK Manual Entry Tool Pack conveniently carries it all. MSRP $582.99.

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CHIEF Advantage 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask

Masked Protector

You never know just what you’ll encounter when on crowd control duty; there’s any number of possibilities from the benign to potentially life threatening. The CHIEF Advantage 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask can defend wearers from a number of biological and chemical warfare agents, including Sarin and mustard chemicals. Independent testing confirms the mask and canister meet requirements according to CASHPAC-recommended protocols. What’s equally important is that this model is 40 percent lighter than most full-face respirators, and the dual-canister mount won’t impede your field of vision or weapon sighting. MSRP $493.12.

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Paulson Manufacturing Body Shield Model BS-7

A Bold Barrier

This polycarbonate .150-inch-thick, 24-inch-round shield is made to minimize twisting leverage against the user. The ergonomic handle permits two-handed maneuvering. What’s more, both the handle and breakaway strap are dielectric to inhibit any electrical pass-through. Large enough to protect, it’s compact enough to conveniently store in a police cruiser’s trunk. MSRP not available.

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Redman Tactical Suit

Dressing in Layers

If you don’t want the full-body suit but still need an added layer of protection, consider the Redman Tactical Suit, which is meant to be worn along with standard-issue duty belt and ballistic- or stab-resistant vest. While not an all-in-one, the pieces combine to protect shoulders, chest and back, knees, shins and feet. The suit’s lining can be cleaned and disinfected to protect against strep, hepatitis and other bacterial and viral contaminants. MSRP $995.

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Under Armour Tactical Summer Blackout Gloves

Get a Grip

Don’t let summer’s heat melt your grip on a potentially tense situation. Under Armour’s Tactical Summer Blackout Gloves can help you keep a cool hand, literally. Lightweight HeatGear fabrics and flex zones keep skin cool and dry, while a two-piece Cabretta leather perforated palm enhances your grip. Gloves available in black or desert sand. MSRP $44.99.

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