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When you spend the majority of a shift patrolling the streets or chasing down leads and witnesses, your vehicle becomes more than just a mode of transportation — it’s an extension of your office, and needs to be equipped with all the tools necessary to carry out police work. There should not only be room for a laptop, but also a way to properly secure it to prevent damage if you need to engage in high-speed maneuvers. Additional lights help illuminate scenes. Vehicles also turn into functional barriers during active-shooter incidents, so the car’s body needs ballistic reinforcement to provide protection. Even K-9s need vehicles to be modified so they too can remain safe on the job. Here are just a few of the latest equipment and accessory options to modify vehicles for law enforcement duty.


PathFindIR II

You can’t avoid obstacles in the roadway if you can’t see them, especially in the dark of night. FLIR’s updated PathFindIR II utilizes thermal imaging to detect and reveal cloaked objects four times faster than standard automobile headlights. Through a partnership with Autoliv, this newest model has incorporated a nighttime pedestrian detection feature that can be used to automatically display alarms when it senses a person in or near the vehicle’s path. MSRP starts at $2,495.

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Ford PI Utility Short Console Box Kit

Squad cars house a variety of gear that needs to be within reach, which can make for a crowded interior. Making space is the purpose of Gamber-Johnson’s Ford PI Utility Short Console Box Kit. Mount a computer to the top and offset the position to allow for a convenient and comfortable posture. USB and MP3 knockouts are located on the passenger side, along with four 12-volt knockouts. A low-profile section holds radio control heads and small devices while a vertical angled section can contain full-sized radios. It even comes with a cup and pen holder. MSRP $969.

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XStream I

Versatility can be a key strategic advantage, such as when an unmarked car suddenly needs to notify others of its presence. XStream I is an interior mounting warning light by Federal Signal and can be placed according to driver preferences, including the dash, headliner or as a window mount. It’s available as a single or dual-head model, each equipped with a light head, two suction cups, bail and pivot brackets, and mounting hardware. XStream I also features Federal Signal’s Solaris LED reflector and SpectraLux multicolor LED technology. Additionally, operators can choose from 25 flash patterns. MSRP unavailable.

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Vehicle Specific Console With Internal Printer Mount

Law enforcement vehicles pull double duty as mobile computer stations. The Havis Products Vehicle Specific Console With Internal Printer Mount keeps laptops secured under a variety of driving conditions and situations. Designed for either the 2015–2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle or the 2015–2018 Chevrolet Suburban, the single-piece console measures 13 inches wide and accepts standard Brother PocketJet 6 and 7 printers. Two 12-volt sockets with wire and fuse are mounted to the front top panel. The console also includes an internal front electrical equipment mounting shelf. If necessary, the shelf’s side trim panels can be removed to allow additional access. MSRP $555.11.
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Pelican Air Case

Sturdy doesn’t have to mean heavy. Released this past summer, the Pelican Air Case line is 40% lighter than its predecessors. Molded out of lightweight, next-generation HPX resin, these protective cases can hold a cadre of items of varying weights and sizes. Choose from nine travel-ready sizes, or customize it to fit your needs. Use the versatile TrekPak Divider system of waterproof, closed-cell-foam-laminated corrugated panels to create compartments. Or add Classic Pick N’ Pluck Foam to cushion gear. The cases have been roll-tested over 900 meters, and are crush- and dust- proof. MSRP $216.02–$367.28.
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Pioneer LiFe 28

With 2,800 lumens, the new Whelen Pioneer LiFe 28 super-LED portable area light can brighten the darkest environments. Operators can alternate between the floodlight lens and the 8-degree TIR spotlight. An adjustable ratcheting mechanism allows users to create a 180-degree range. The built-in lithium ion phosphate battery engages LiFePO4 technology, and has been shown to produce more than two hours at full intensity and up to five hours in battery saver mode. According to tests, the battery reaches full charge in three to four hours and is rated for more than 2,000 charging cycles. MSRP $1,225.
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‘B’-Kit Vehicle Door Armor

Whether sitting behind the wheel or using the car door as a shield, you want assurance that it will prevent bullets from penetrating. The ‘B’-Kit Vehicle Door Armor by Hardwire Armor Systems’ Vehicle Armor division adds a layer of ballistic protection to exteriors. The patented design secures officers from lethal force of a 12-gauge slug as well as lessening the potential impact in a crash. The companion Transparent Window Insert extends that ballistic barrier. MSRP $993; Door & Window Insert Package $2,328.

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K9 Containment Insert

It’s a K-9 officer’s duty to keep their four-legged partner safe, including while riding in the car. The newly improved K9 Containment Insert from Owens Products, an officer-owned company, was specifically designed with feedback from experienced K-9 professionals. The insert allows the animal extra safety. For example, the .125 mill-finished aluminum floor pan runs the entire width, from door to door, to avoid gaps or seams where paws or legs could get trapped. The front door slides for easy operation and is secured with a stainless steel latching handle. Both front and rear panels contain 1-inch holes so the driver’s view remains unobstructed. MSRP $1,876.
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Auto Power Adapter

Engineers at Lind Electronics designed the Auto Power Adapter to work with most computers and boost performance while it’s charging in the car. It accepts input voltages from 11-16 volt DC or 12-volt DC sources. The DC jack accommodates either a cigarette lighter input cable or a bare wire (stripped and tinned) input cable. It also offers output short-circuit, overcurrent and internal over-temperature protections. Customizable options are available. The adapter comes with a three-year warranty, which covers failures and replacement of missing or damaged cables with snap-in connections. MSRP $99.95–$139.95.
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