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Law enforcement professionals protect and serve on the job, but the same responsibility also applies at home. You should have full confidence that your loved ones and belongings are safe in your residence while you’re on duty, on vacation or at rest. Thanks to advances in technology, home security systems offer more options for greater protection than ever before, including strategically placed cameras to record happenings around your property, motion-detecting lights to expose dangers lurking in the shadows, and programs that handle everything from temperature control to intruder alerts via messaging to your smartphone. Here are some of the newest and most acclaimed products designed to enhance the safety of your home and family.


benelli-m4-cerakote-tactical-shotgunCOAT OF ARMS
The Benelli M4 Cerakote is the same M4 tactical shotgun armed forces and police agencies across the country have employed for years, but with a new coat of armor. The Cerakote coating breathes new life into this firearm, adding more corrosion, scratch and wear resistance to the weapon, up to 50 times more than other coatings. Underneath, you’ll still find the classic M4 design, with its Auto Regulating Gas Operated (ARGO) system and flexibility in attachments and ammunition. MSRP $2,399.
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eaton-all-pro-revolveOUT-OF-SIGHT LIGHTS
You don’t have to advertise your security setup to all who walk by; hidden lights can catch unwanted visitors by surprise. Revolve LED outdoor security lights sneakily attach to the undersides of eaves, so they stay out of plain view when not illuminated. Product options include a motion-sensor version and a dusk-to-dawn model, which is designed to wake up as soon as the sun sets. Choose between two or three lights per unit, as well as between 180- or 270-degree coverage. LEDs provide approximately 50,000 hours of life. MSRP $84–$99.99.
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mr-beams-netbright-intelligent-networked-wireless-lightingLIGHT IT UP
The NetBright networked wireless lighting system really brightens up a place. Like most motion-detecting spotlights, it turns on at the first sign of movement. But unlike traditional lights, NetBright’s smart solution is a linked network. When one light is triggered, the rest follow suit, so within seconds, you have a well-lit perimeter. Each light produces 200 lumens, and you can connect up to 50 lights in one network. MSRP $239.99 for six-pack.
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tyco-security-products-dsc-touchAT YOUR FINGERTIPS
Smart security means maintaining control over all aspects of the system, regardless of your personal location — and that’s exactly what DSC Touch offers. Tyco Security Products has devised a 7-inch touch-screen smart panel that allows users to assess the situation on the home front remotely, thanks to an operating system based on Google’s Android that incorporates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology. It also integrates for an alert system. Additionally, a built-in panel camera records images during an alarm event as critical evidence. MSRP not available.
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defender-wireless-security-systemCAUGHT ON CAMERA
It’s impossible to have eyes everywhere, watching the inside and outside of your home every day and night — or is it? With a Defender wireless security system on the job, wireless cameras monitor activity up to 450 feet away in the daylight; the night vision, powered by 24 infrared LEDs, illuminates up to 75 feet. The Sentinel 8 CH 1TB DVR system comes with six cameras, three receivers, 10 power adapters, mounting hardware and an IR remote controller with batteries. MSRP $1,399.99.
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arecont-vision-surroundvideo-g5THE FULL PICTURE
If one camera angle is good, wouldn’t multiple angles be better? Honored with one of Security Products magazine’s 2015 New Product of the Year Awards, the SurroundVideo G5 from Arecont Vision is a multi-sensor, multi-megapixel dome camera that provides a panoramic view. Operators can concentrate on cameras individually or blend all the images together for a more complete picture. Choose between five-, 12- or 20-megapixel resolutions for crisp, clear images. MSRP not available.
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When it comes to home protection, most people concentrate on their physical environment and may overlook safeguarding their family’s cyber presence. Sure, there are lots of security preferences you can monitor, but unless you’re super-diligent about updating them regularly, being online can open the door to nefarious activities. The new CUJO device creates another layer of protection by utilizing business-level Internet security programs for the home, defending your devices from hacking, malicious websites and unauthorized access. MSRP $99.
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securityman-digilcdndvr2IN FOCUS
Do you have a lot of acreage to monitor? Storage structures you’d like to keep an eye on? The DIGILCDNDVR2 from SecurityMan allows users to peek in on sites up to 490 feet away with a clear line of sight. Obstacles in the way? No problem — the camera also captures images between walls up to 290 feet. Want to hear what’s going on, too? The DIGILCDNDVR2 houses a built-in microphone that records sounds up to 30 feet away. Observe it all via a portable seven-inch touch-screen LCD monitor. MSRP $429.99.
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mossberg-590a1-and-590-7-shot-tactical-shotgunsMORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK
The 590A1 and 590 7-Shot tactical shotguns are newly updated versions of Mossberg’s signature weapons. They each boast a seven-shell capacity with a compact 18.5-inch barrel, which traditionally only carries six rounds. Both shotguns feature an ambidextrous safety and dual extractors to work well for right- or left-handed shooters. Steel-to-steel lockup, twin-action bars and anti-jam elevators make it a safe and easy firing platform. MSRP $441–$734.
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