Wiley X Censor Polarized

Polarized Patrol Protection

The Wiley X Black Ops Collection now includes a new WX Censor Polarized model combining an understated matte black frame with Wiley X’s polarized smoke-gray lenses. Based on Wiley X’s advanced Filter 8 polarizing technology, these versatile lenses provide clear vision in a wide range of light conditions and eliminate reflected glare in any environment — on the water, in urban settings or on the highway. As a result, wearers can count on clear, distraction-free vision any time of day, and in any tactical situation. Most importantly, the new Black Ops WX Censor Polarized meets the latest GL-PD 10-12 MCEP Standard (superseding the MIL-PRF-31013 Ballistic Standard) for combat protective eyewear. MSRP $130.

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Wiley X Twisted

Understated Look, Proven Performance

From the Wiley X Black Ops Collection comes the new WX Twisted Polarized model. This stylish and functional sunglass combines a stealthy look with the state-of-the-art protection that has made Wiley X a leading provider of protective eyewear to U.S. military, law enforcement, Secret Service and other tactical wearers. The addition of Wiley X’s polarized lenses ensures sharp, distraction-free vision in a variety of high-glare situations, whether patrolling near water, out on the highway or in the “urban jungle.” Like all Black Ops Collection glasses, the WX Twisted features an understated, wraparound matte black frame that provides excellent coverage and fit for medium to large faces. This virtually indestructible frame is outfitted with versatile, shatterproof polarized smoke-gray lenses utilizing Wiley X’s advanced Filter 8 polarizing technology — for clear vision under a wide range of light conditions. MSRP $130.

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Wiley X WX Gravity

Wiley X has expanded its popular Rx-ready Climate Control series with the addition of the WX Gravity — an ideal choice for motorcycle riders who love the thrill of the open highway. This premium model is made to take anything the road and Mother Nature can throw at it, providing bikers with military-grade protection, clear vision and the comfort to enjoy all-day rides. Climate Control models like the new WX Gravity feature Wiley X’s patented, removable, soft-foam Facial Cavity Seal that’s designed to block wind, dust, debris and cold, making it an ideal choice for rolling across the open road in all conditions. MSRP $87.

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Wiley X DuRtac

The Wiley X Durtac tactical gloves were specifically created for personnel who demand superior performance from every piece of gear. For the in-the-field professional who is looking for another level of protection, these gloves offer nonslip synthetic palms perfect for gripping a firearm, while the ergonomically shaped patch on the palm increases durability. The Durtac gloves are injection-molded with thermoplastic, which provides superior protection from impacts and abrasions. Additionally, these tactical gloves offer a neoprene cuff for a custom fit, air mesh backs and heavy-duty Lycra gussets for maximum comfort and breathability. MSRP $76.

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Wiley X Black Ops Zak

Like every Wiley X Black Ops model, the Black Ops Zak features stealthy, matte-black frames and military-spec, neutral-gray lenses. The shatterproof and scratch-resistant selenite polycarbonate lenses not only deliver superior visual clarity and 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays, they also provide Wiley X’s trademark high-velocity protection relied on by soldiers, law enforcement professionals and other heroes around the world. Every Wiley X model is tested to withstand repeated impacts from a 0.25-caliber steel ball fired at 150 frames per second and the weight of a 1.1-pound pointed projectile dropped from a height of 50 inches, meaning the Black Ops Zak is up to any challenge, environment or situation the wearer is likely to encounter in the field. MSRP $73.

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Wiley X Black Ops P-17M

Inspired by covert operators and featuring matte-black frames and military-spec, neutral-gray lenses, the Black Ops P-17M is made for elite-level military and law enforcement personnel. The aerodynamic profile allows you to slip seamlessly into both darkness and light. The Black Ops P-17M stays in place thanks to its well-engineered silhouette and non-slip, rubberized temples and nosepiece. The insignia on the lenses and frames signifies an official ANSI Z87.1-2003 high-velocity and high-mass-impact standards certification. MSRP $67.

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