The X26P incorporates the best form features of the older X26 TASER and users’ favorite elements of the X2 to provide officers with a newer, smarter nonlethal weapon. Upgrades include, but are not limited to, an audible alert at three seconds with shut-off at five seconds, measurement of each individual pulse for better control over current delivery and advanced batteries for 300 more firings than the X26. This latest version also records every action with time and date stamps while self-diagnostics guide users through troubleshooting steps. MSRP $848.40.

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Taser X2 ECD

The X2 is touted by Taser as being “the most customer-driven Taser ECD ever developed.” More than 3,000 hours of testing and validation and 1,500 customer surveys have resulted in an enhanced power magazine that allows for more than 500 firings, dual lasers for improved accuracy, semi-automatic backup shot capability for multiple targets or misses, self-diagnosis that instantly conveys capability status and an IPX2-rated weatherproofing. MSRP $999 (upgrade with accessories available for $1,565).

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Taser X26 ECD

The Taser X26 ECD is a law enforcement—grade laser gun that uses replaceable cartridges containing compressed nitrogen capable of firing two small probes attached to insulated conductive wires. These wires have a range of approximately 15 feet and are capable of penetrating up to 2 inches of clothing, which can seriously incapacitate the attacker. The X26 model works as a direct contact stun gun. The X26 comes equipped with a digital power magazine battery pack plus a battery memory indicator and an anti-felon identification feature. Most states allow legal carry of the Taser, but it is advised you check your local regulations regarding any less-than-lethal devices.

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