North American Rescue 50-Foot Throw Bag

Floodwaters are no joke — they may look slow-moving at times, but river currents can sweep you away before you even realize what’s happening. If you live or work in a flood-prone area, keep one of these 50-foot throw bags in your vehicle. The Pegasus Triton rope is strong enough for multiple uses: as a throw line, a tension diagonal or a tow line for pinned kayak recovery. Its quick-dry mesh makes it great for multiple uses, too. MSRP $102.44.

North American Rescue C-3 (Concealed C-A-T® Carrier)

Introducing North American Rescue’s C-3 (Concealed C-A-T® Carrier), an optimal solution for carrying the C-A-T® under clothing on soft armor. The C-3 offers multiple attachment point options that enable it to easily mount to body armor in any number of locations. This is the perfect solution for patrol officers who recognize the importance of having immediate access to the lifesaving point-of-wounding treatment capability of the fastest, safest and most effective prehospital tourniquet in the world. The Concealed C-A-T® Carrier offers the versatility needed for officers who do not have additional room on their duty belt for standard belt carrying options. For more info, go to

North American Rescue CORE Kit

Prepare for the worst with the BEST. Treat moderate to severe bleeding from penetrating trauma with North American Rescue’s CORE Kit (Compact Officer Response Emergency Kit, Item #85-0834). Offering the BEST value and most effective hemorrhage-control products on the market, this compact, rugged vacuum-sealed kit is equipped with the No. 1 CoTCCC-recommended C-A-T (Combat Application Tourniquet) and Combat Gauze hemostatic, along with NAR’s 4-inch ETD pressure bandage. Designed to fit into your BDU pocket, vest pouch or individual bag, and priced at only $49.99 for a limited time, you can’t afford not to Arm Yourself™. Some injuries can’t wait for backup! For more info, go to

North American Rescue Rapid Response Kit

Introducing North American Rescue’s Rapid Response Kit, part of an innovative series of first responder go bags with modular, personalized organization of both mission-essential gear AND medical equipment needed for response to an active-shooter scenario. The LE edition is equipped for self-aid/buddy aid and configured for treating up to two injured patients. Features include two C-A-T tourniquets with holders, double mag pouch accommodating two pistol or rifle magazines (not included), central pouch containing three fixed mesh pockets and repositionable elastic loop panel, deployable HiViz 360° “POLICE” ID banner, and exterior storage loops with color-coded labels to accommodate eight chem lights (not included) and more! For more info, go to

Individual Patrol Officer’s Kit (IPOK®)

The IPOK® is an individual hemorrhage control kit containing everything needed to quickly address moderate to severe bleeding from penetrating and other traumatic injuries. This compact, vacuum-sealed kit is small enough to be carried on your person, where it is needed most. Specially packaged with small cube space in mind, the IPOK® easily fits into a BDU pocket, vest pouch or individual bag. Its rugged, durable, vacuum-sealed pouch features NAR’s signature Red Tip Technology®, ensuring quality & performance. Options include your choice of gauze dressing: Z-Fold Gauze or hemostatic bandage (Celox™Gauze, ChitoGauze®PRO or CombatGauze™ LE). For more info, go to

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Combat Application Tourniquet® (C-A-T®)

Available from North American Rescue, the Gen 6 C-A-T® is the only prehospital tourniquet that has been consistently validated and proven to be the safest, most effective and easiest to use hemorrhage control solution for injured extremities. It is small, lightweight, cost-effective and specially designed for use in extreme conditions. Employing a true one-handed windlass design, the C-A-T® engages the appropriate amount of force to occlude severe hemorrhaging while minimizing damage to underlying tissues. Utilizing patented technology that features a continuous sliding loop within a self-adhering band, the C-A-T® provides safe, 100% occlusion of blood flow to both upper and lower extremities.

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