CTS America Pocket Ticket Writer

Bigger isn’t always better — just ask CTS America. Its Pocket Ticket Writer (PTW), a compact, easy-to-carry e-ticket system, is the perfect companion for bicycle, ATV, motorcycle, foot patrol and horseback law enforcement officers. This pint-size PC is perfect for issuing citations such as DUIs, warning tickets and traffic violations. The PTW uses the Motorola Symbol MC-75 device and can issue a ticket in less than a minute. Quick-fill features; signature-capturing capability; and direct communication to a command post via the cradling device, wireless data card or phone data card save even more time. The PTW also streamlines the e-citation process by transmitting citations directly to the court. CTS America has eliminated all the guesswork and sells its bundled software with the Motorola unit, a Zebra RW420 and all the accessories like USB cables and chargers. MSRP $4,700 for bundled units.

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