Aimpoint CompM4 and CompM4s

Ready 24/7/365

Aimpoint CompM4 and CompM4s sights both include enhanced ACET technology that provide up to eight years of continuous use from a single AA-size battery. Once turned on, Aimpoint sights stay on — there is no automatic shut-off, so your optic is always ready whenever you need to use it. The CompM4 and CompM4s incorporate an integrated mount that eliminates the need for a separate ring, and can be customized with vertical and forward spacers to fit a variety of weapon systems. All CompM4 sights are shipped complete with a QRP2 mount and standard AR15 spacer. These sights also come equipped with a killFlash anti-reflection device and MILSPEC rubber lens covers. MSRP $850.

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Burris AR-F3 Flattop FastFire Sight

Quick Draw for ARs

For AR and carbine shooters, Burris offers a complete package with its AR-F3 Flattop FastFire Sight. This bundles a FastFire III with 3 MOA dot and a rugged protective mount that is range-ready right out of the box. It’s the simplest and most effective way to mount the FastFire III on an AR flattop as a stand-alone sight or as a co-witness for your iron sights. The FastFire sits low in the mount and a pair of metal wings on each side of the lenses protects the sight from impact or unintentional abuse. For added convenience, there is a lower compartment for spare battery storage, open-end wrench and Torx wrench. The FastFire fits any Weaver or Picatinny-style base. MSRP $450.

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Burris Fullfield E1

Make Wind and Distance Your Friends

Fullfield E1 riflescopes take the guesswork out of determining both trajectory and wind compensation with the Ballistic Plex E1 reticle — a simple, uncluttered method for determining hold off for wind and holdover out to 500 yards. This year, the line expands with the addition of a 6.5x-20x-50mm with the new Ballistic E1 MV reticle. Essentially, it’s an E1 reticle calibrated to the 22.250 cartridge and it’s the ultimate varmint gun scope. Other options include 30 mm tubes on the 3x-9x-40mm and 4.5-14-42mm models, and an illuminated reticle on the 3x-9x-40mm for enhanced accuracy in low-light conditions. MSRP $670.

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Bushnell AR Optics 2-7x 32mm

AR, .22 Sounds Affordable

The AR Optics 2-7x32mm rimfire riflescope features fully multi-coated optics for optimal light transmission and a fast focus eyepiece for a clear sight picture. The new Drop Zone 22 Rimfire BDC reticle is an ideal reticle for the new .22-caliber AR-style rifles on the market. With a 50-yard zero and aiming points out to 200 yards, the Drop Zone 22 is easy to comprehend and operate. Built with a durable, one-inch tube, the overall length of the riflescope is just over 11 inches. Target turrets make windage and elevation adjustments quick and easy, while side parallax focus allows the shooter to retain a crisp, clear sight picture at any range. MSRP $150.

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EOTech Model 512 Crossbow Sight Photo LR

Goodbye to Guesswork

Designed with crossbow hunters in mind, the Model 512 crossbow sight utilizes the unique properties of holography to create optimal range-scaling data in a heads-up display. A precalculated ranging scale is projected on the target and measures the back to the belly of a standard whitetail deer (16 inches). Simply position the base of the scale on the belly and read from where the back intersects the scale — it’s that easy. With the integral ranging pattern, there is no unnecessary body movement or added noise from your tree stand. Both range information and aiming reticle are displayed within the same sight picture to quickly line up your shot. MSRP $489.

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Leapers UTG 30mm 8-32×56 36 Color/IE Scope

Mood Scope?

Looking for something a little different? How about 36 different color choices for personalized illumination? The 36 Color/IE Scope is based on a 30 mm tube with Emerald Lens Coatings for maximum light transmission and clarity. It also features Leapers True Strength Platform, which includes a nitrogen fill for its shockproof, rainproof and fogproof rating. The innovative EZ-Tap Illumination Enhancing adjustment system with red/green in Dual Color Mode and 36 colors in Multi-Color Mode adjusts in a single click. The Premium Zero lockable turrets offer 1/8 MOA adjustment with parallax adjustments from 10 yards to infinity and Mil-dot Range Estimating Etched Glass Reticle. MSRP $350.

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