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Are you a total tech geek? Do you know more about the newest smartphone than your Gen-Z children? Perhaps you’ve built a personal computer or purchased a collection of electronic gadgets, from self-guided vacuums to 4K televisions streaming high-definition programs to smart appliances that control thermostats and even track groceries. For many, the appeal of technology is that it can conduct certain operations and functions faster and more accurately than humans, and that’s partly why law enforcement has embraced high-tech tools.

What’s more, the tech community has come to recognize the unique needs within law enforcement. Hardware designers, along with software and application developers, continue to create products specifically to aid officers in their mission to protect and serve. And best of all, even if you’re not a technophile, you don’t have to understand exactly how they work to reap the benefits in speed and convenience.

Prima Elite

Prima Elite, a body-worn camera by Safety Vision, strives to paint a complete picture from the officer’s point of view. Among the technical highlights are 64 gigabytes of internal storage, 1080P video resolution and an easy touch-and-go recording mechanism. From a tactical standpoint, the camera captures as many incident details as possible with a 135-degree field of view and pre-event recording capability. Downloaded videos can only be accessed via an authorized computer. MSRP $595.
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Toughbook 33

Convenience is the highlight of the latest generation of Toughbook laptops from Panasonic. Toughbook 33 was designed specifically with the mobile professional in mind. Its monitor is 50 percent brighter and 15 percent larger than most other devices in its class, and it has three times the resolution. Plus, the 3:2 screen accommodates easy-to-read computer-aided dispatch notifications. The monitor detaches to become a tablet, able to go anywhere. To protect against would-be cyber intruders, an infrared webcam combines with Windows Hello software to activate a biometric user authentication. Additional options include a serial port, barcode and contactless SmartCard CAC readers. Battery life runs 10 hours. MSRP $3,649.
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20/20 TruVISION

Clocking speeders with the Laser Technology Inc. 20/20 TruVISION laser is not only reliable and user-friendly, but its data storage capabilities also serve for accurate recordkeeping. AdapTec automatically adjusts for clear image capture as far away as 450 feet. Multiple zooming options home in on license plates, which can then be paired with the company’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition tool. Operators will appreciate color-coded graphic icons on the touch screen as well as buttons. The photo/video laser can be either handheld or mounted on a tripod. MSRP $6,995.
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Records Management System

From traffic violations to major investigations, there’s always a report to file. The Mark43 Records Management System offers agencies an opportunity to organize, analyze and retrieve reports and related files with greater efficiency. The system provides standard reports and office programs, but also operations for investigative cases, including a dashboard for case tracking, full case audit history and an active master entity sync. Specialized functions have been written for booking and jail, including configurable holding areas and intake questionnaires as well as personnel tracking. To ensure proper chain of evidence, the Mark43 system includes a mobile app for barcode scanning and ID capture, and it automatically generates a custodial property report. MSRP varies.
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BallisticSearch Image Capture Station

Forget about waiting days or even weeks for ballistics reports. The BallisticSearch Image Capture Station from Vigilant Solutions gets the process started at the scene. The compact (less than 8 inches tall), lightweight (a mere 1.34 pounds) device can go just about anywhere an internet connection can be secured. While onsite, the BallisticSearch Image Capture Station creates 5 MP ultra-sharp, multi-angled 3D models of discharged cartridge cases. Then users can initiate a comparison against the BallisticSearch nationwide gallery. MSRP unavailable.
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It’s great when the public pitches in with tips, information and digital files such as photos, videos and messages. But those requests can be a lot to sort through. The Axon Citizen evidence collection system streamlines the process. From the field, invite witnesses to submit their media via the Axon Capture mobile app, compatible with Android and iOS devices. As soon as the files are received, the program initiates a virus screening, then instantly categorizes them, ensuring searchability, and stores them in An audit trail tracks officer identification, incident, time, place and community member. MSRP unavailable.
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Nomad 30 Pocket Reader

The newly released Nomad 30 Pocket Reader from Crossmatch allows law enforcement professionals to scan fingerprints at the scene with capacitive thin-film transistor technology for rapid identification. A bright blue indicator light and haptic feedback confirm effective operation. Its lightweight design makes for easy one-handed handling, which enables users to maintain safe distances from suspects and limit contact. It is FAP 30 PIV certified and programmed to interface with the Crossmatch ArcID Mobile app with a USB connection. MSRP $250.
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XL-185P Portable Radio

Never underestimate the importance of dependable radio contact. The Harris XL-185P Portable converged LTE land mobile radio is capable of utilizing a variety of frequencies, including VHF, UHF, 700/800 or 900 MHz, to ensure optimal connections. It’s open standards-based, Verizon certified and Band-14 ready. Advanced noise cancellation keeps interference to a minimum, and the instant recall-and-replay option makes sure you don’t miss calls. The radio’s shell is a ruggedized aluminum that meets a number of industry standards, including for explosive atmospheres and contamination by fluids. MSRP unavailable.
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irVest and StressX Belt

For simulated training to be effective, situational conditions must be as realistic as possible, and that includes participants realizing if and when they’ve been hit. That’s why SBTactical developed the irVest and StressX Belt combination. The training vest incorporates 10 sensors to detect if the wearer has been hit during simulated scenarios. The StressX Belt takes that data and, in real time, delivers a noticeable shock. That instantaneous acknowledgement empowers individuals to quickly assess circumstances and practice decision-making under mental and physical stress. MSRP $895 each.
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Ask any computer engineer or IT expert what’s going to be the next great technological development and almost unanimously they’ll say artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, they’ll say AI is already making an impact, and Veritone’s aiWARE is evidence of how it’s assisting law enforcement departments. The AI system can search different data and sources by face, objects, spoken word, logos and other recognizable factors. It can speed up identification from previous video recordings and arrest photos, as well as catalog metadata and structured datasets. Another key feature is secured multi-agency collaboration of digital evidence. MSRP varies.
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