Wounded and Alone

Photos courtesy of Dr. John Wipfler and Tactical Medical Solutions

In the Field First Aid Kits

When a critical injury demands immediate attention but backup and/or emergency medical services aren’t available, first responders are faced with the difficult task of providing aid, sometimes while also attempting to neutralize threats. As “Wounded and Alone” advises, first responders should carry essential first aid items at all times. When you’re in the field, anything can happen. Avoid the deadly “too little, too late” scenario with the following handy kits that can save lives in a dire situation.

Chinook Medical Gear Law Enforcement Medical Kit — Patrol Officer (LEMK-PO)

Essential Items
The LEMK-PO was designed to replace the vehicle industrial first aid kit. The pouch holds essential items for immediate medical attention of traumatic injuries. This product features internal retention straps to secure contents and can be stuffed into a larger pack or attached to another using the MOLLE-compatible Malice Clip System. It also comes with a separate Velcro fastener attachment that glues into place so that the kit may be stored in a uniform location, such as a glove compartment, sun visor or console. MSRP $59.

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International School of Tactical Medicine (ISTM) Casualty Response Kit

High-Quality Components When It Counts
Drawing on the experience of a 23-year emergency physician, reserve police officer and 20-year tactical physician, ISTM meticulously planned and specifically designed the Casualty Response Kit for use in a tactical law enforcement environment. ISTM used this medical and tactical experience to create a tactical medical kit with high-quality components to treat gunshot wounds, hemorrhaging, tension pneumothorax, sucking chest wounds, eye injuries, burns and lacerations, as well as other injuries that can occur during tactical operations. MSRP $180.

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Pro Med Kits Immediate Response Kit

Treat Life-Threatening Injuries
The Immediate Response Kit is a lightweight, soft-pack trauma kit that is designed to be carried in the cargo pocket of BDU fatigue pants. It comes with a variety of trauma dressings and supplies necessary to treat several life-threatening injuries. The side handle and zipper cord system offer the user quick access when time is essential. There are two belt loops on the back of the kit for attaching it to a belt or backpack. Included in each kit is the Trauma Fast Action Card, which gives detailed instructions on how to treat life-threatening injuries. MSRP $60.

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Remote Medical International Combat Lifesaver Kit

Remote-Area Resources
Medicine in remote areas presents unique challenges which are often unanswered by conventional care. The Combat Lifesaver Kit provides comprehensive solutions for remote-area medical care and rescue. When the hospital is not an option, you can depend on Remote Medical International to keep you safe. MSRP $197.

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Tactical Medical Solutions Patrol Aid Bag

Meets End-User Needs
The Tactical Medical Solutions Patrol Aid Bag allows for medical supplies to be worn low on the back in a butt pack or on the back with the included equipment attachment straps. The modular design of the bag allows modifications to accommodate different internal layouts and end-user needs. The bag is divided into two compartments and packed so that the initial treatment items are in the small front pouch. Additional treatment items are contained in the main compartment and are easily accessible. MSRP $300.

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Tactical Medical Solutions R-AID Bag

Compact, Comprehensive Treatment Kit
Stocked to provide lifesaving treatment of multiple casualties, the R-AID Bag is ideally suited to work as an assault aid bag, vehicle bag or combat lifesaver bag. All critical intervention items are loaded in the top flap of the bag for immediate access. The second main compartment contains items required for additional treatment and casualty packaging. The rear sleeve contains triage and casualty marking materials. The bag provides one of the most compact, comprehensive treatment kits available. MSRP $265.

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Look for “Wounded and Alone” in the Winter 2012 FOP Journal.

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