Shielded Against Danger

From traffic stops to crowd control to active-shooter scenes, every call has the potential to devolve into a dangerous situation, jeopardizing law enforcement professionals’ safety. According to the FBI, more than 50,200 officers were assaulted on the job in 2015. Of those, more than one-fourth sustained injuries. The majority of the attacks involved assailants using what the federal agency deems “personal weapons,” such as hands, fists and feet. Firearms were in engaged in 4% of the incidents and cutting weapons, such as knives, were used less than 2% of the time. FBI analysts determined that “other types of dangerous weapons” accounted for the remaining 15% of assaults on law enforcement officers. Regardless of the type of weapon an assailant utilizes, protecting oneself on the job remains every officer’s utmost priority. Fortunately, manufacturers are responding with new innovations to keep you covered in the field.


Point Blank Paraclete Armis Gen II

The Paraclete Armis Gen II carrier by Point Blank Enterprises, Inc., is full of functional features. Highlights of the standard vest start with a side opening that permits single-motion release. It also accommodates left- and right-handed individuals. An internal cumberbund provides stability and security, and a kangaroo-style front pocket is large enough to hold three rifle magazines. Add on various upper-body accessories for even more coverage. MSRP $1,850–$2,900.
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ATS Armor Type IIIA Patrol Shield

The ATS Armor Type IIIA Patrol Shield is a light and cost-effective law enforcement tool. The plates have been rated to protect against rounds up to .44 magnum. Its unique shape and grip present users with head-to-pelvic coverage and notable movability. The suspension carrying system frees officers’ hands for better weapon control. The shield also is coated to prevent spalling. MSRP $699.95.
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Safariland Protech Tactical All Purpose Vest

Two of the most important factors to consider when looking for a tactical plate-carrying vest are maneuverability and manageable weight. Protech Tactical’s All Purpose Vest delivers in both regards. The vest is outfitted with the FirstSpear 6/12 load-bearing platform, which reduces the weight by approximately 40%. The newest model also boasts the FirstSpear Tubes closure system, which makes for seamless donning and doffing. MSRP $730.
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Armor Express Lighthawk M1 Shield

New from Armor Express, the Lighthawk M1 Shield gives users greater flexibility. Its cutting-edge hybrid ballistic technology reduces the weight dramatically for less fatigue. The new shape accommodates the use of handguns or long guns. An ambidextrous straight-bar handle and high-strength forearm strap provide ease of use, while the Velcro loop covering on the rear side keeps important equipment handy. MSRP $2,898–$6,755.
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Angel Armor Truth SNAP Magnetic Plate System

The Truth SNAP magnetic plate system, Angel Armor’s most recent offering, supplies multilevel protection and increased customizability when combined with the company’s RISE vest. No need to change vests to increase armor capabilities — instead, insert the Truth 44S trauma plate with registered Spike 1 protection, or the Truth 47S plate, which has Spike 2 protection and is designed to stop AK-47 strikes. Lock both plates together by the magnetic corners to form a single plate rated Spike 3 protection. The plates come in several cut options. MSRP $144–$572.
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BlueRidge Armor Vengeance Series Hard Armor Shield

Released this summer, the BlueRidge Armor Vengeance Series Hard Armor Shield was created with input from federal law enforcement agents to give users more adaptability. The patent-pending Vengeance Viewport’s unique shape leaves room for a wider field of view, while the patent-pending Elzetta Shield Light with Tridextrous Controls lets officers choose from three grip surfaces. The shield is formed out of a hybrid composite ballistic construction. MSRP $5,698.
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Phalanx Rapid Deployment Agent Armor System

The clever design of the Agent Armor System, part of Phalanx Defense Systems’ Rapid Deployment Armor line, disguises its patented hard armor as an innocuous soft-sided carrying case. A simple pull of a zipper releases a mission-configurable body armor system constructed out of durable 1,000-denier Cordura. Padded shoulder straps contain multiple adjustment points to provide a secure fit. The product now comes in various colors and is sold with a pair of DKX M3 Series 10x 12 plates. MSRP $1,147.
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Safeguard Armour Hybrid Vest

Don’t let stressful situations make you sweat, especially when wearing body armor. Safeguard Armour’s Hybrid vest features 3D spacer mesh that allows for cooling airflow to control body temps. Other comfort options include a four-point adjustable system. Choose edged blade or spike levels I or II, and ballistic level II or IIIA. Panel thickness measures 6mm. MSRP $449.
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