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Software coded specifically for cops empowers law enforcement with time-saving efficiency and cutting-edge capability.

Like so many industries, policing has entered the world of Big Data and the Internet of Things. From the moment you’re dispatched on a call all the way through report writing, evidence logging and even reviewing investigation details to brief prosecutors or testify in court, there are heaps of data produced, collected and in need of organization. What differentiates law enforcement from other industries generating massive quantities of information is that officers — and, by extension, the communities they serve — depend on that information being delivered, processed and engaged in real time. Even on an administrative level, programmers have honed in on developing software solutions specific to the demands of running a police agency. So whether you’re the chief information officer or just a tech geek, you’re sure to appreciate the valuable impact the newest software options and enhancements to traditional law enforcement tools offer in the line of duty.

Nuance PowerMic III
Speak Out
Writing reports is many police professionals’ least favorite aspect of the job. Typing out forms can be tedious and time-consuming. The PowerMic III speech-recognition microphone speeds up the process by translating dictation into the written word. Designed to work exclusively with the Dragon Professional Group software family, also produced by Nuance, this high-tech microphone is programmable to prefill standard report fields. Navigate within and between files with simple voice commands — in fact, it incorporates PC-mouse capabilities so there’s less switching between microphone, mouse and keyboard. Plus, the unidirectional microphone helps block out environmental noises for clear comprehension. MSRP $424.

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Atlas Business Solutions Inc. ScheduleAnywhere
Managing Manpower
Deploying deputies, officers, detectives and other personnel isn’t just a function of command to cover law enforcement needs, it’s also a human resources responsibility. Tracking staff and the hours they work, including overtime, can get complicated — especially when crises crop up, as they tend to do. ScheduleAnywhere software by Atlas Business Solutions Inc. offers the flexibility to roll with changing circumstances. Key to the program is that users can log on from any computer or mobile device to rework schedules, assess staff availability, manage shift rotations and even request or approve time off. It also updates personnel files with new training and certifications. MSRP $25 per month.

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Envisage Technologies VaultRMS Exposure Tracker
Handling Hazards
Police officers regularly come into contact with dangerous situations, but sometimes the danger arises from exposure to hazardous materials. Fentanyl, biological contaminants, environmental threats — these and so many other substances pose health risks that may require medical and other safety documentation. Envisage Technologies recently added VaultRMS’s Exposure Tracker to its FirstForward platform. A primary function of the software is to collect documents and other media related to exposure incidents, as well as recording use of protective gear and assessment of physical conditions before and after exposure. The system also automates management of training, policy and employment records, and even performance reviews. MSRP $10 per member.

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COBAN Command Center
Virtual Vault
From crime-scene photos to emails to text messages to cryptocurrency — plus, of course, body-worn camera footage — more and more evidence is digital. But just like physical evidence, storage of digital files quickly becomes an issue, as does retrieval for case management purposes. COBAN’s Command Center is an integrated system that accepts various file formats, including video, across multiple sources. Departments can connect with local servers or engage a cloud option to house files, with easy access between each. Other features include case management organization and live policing applications, such as Interview Room. MSRP unavailable.
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Motorola Solutions APX Next
Smart Talk
Cops have been relying on radios for generations. Now, Motorola Solutions has redefined the communications device with the APX Next by adding several mission-critical apps. The ViQi program comprehends multiple natural language nuances for smoother voice-command operations. A secured cloud connection enables speech-to-text/text-to-speech queries as well as remote programming, so there’s no need for downtime to upgrade. Its platform augments data from the public safety landscape, such as traditional radio, broadband, video and various other sources. Plus, routing services send radio signals over broadband LTE for faster, more accurate officer locating. MSRP unavailable.
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Mark43 Computer Aided Dispatch
Real-Time Response
Any delays in dispatch can result in costly response delays. Even shaving off a few seconds can make a notable difference in emergencies. The Mark43 Computer Aided Dispatch system does just that by allowing operators to share pertinent details on screen with responders on site, as well as receiving feedback from the field in real time. GPS-AVL enables dispatchers to quickly map out units and direct the nearest officers to respond, another time-saver. An integration with E911 and emergency medical dispatch systems provides for multiagency coordination. Finally, the program accommodates personalized workflows for greater efficiency. MSRP unavailable.
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