Hidden in Plain Sight

in-plain-sight-bannerDressing for a plainclothes assignment is not an occasion for attention-grabbing clothing choices. Of course, you could probably pull together an outfit from your own closet, but civilian clothes aren’t designed with law enforcement activities in mind, especially when you have to carry a firearm. In recent years, however, several manufacturers have created street clothes that incorporate hidden compartments to conceal weapons, handcuffs, phones and other equipment. We’ll take you on a quick window-shopping trip through some of these concealed carry clothing lines.

511-tactical-sleeveless-holster-shirt-for-women5.11 Tactical Sleeveless Holster Shirt for Women

Women’s Wear

What’s good for the guys isn’t always good for the gals. When carrying a concealed weapon, you want a tailored fit so that you can seamlessly retrieve a gun if necessary. 5.11 Tactical’s Sleeveless Holster Shirt for Women is designed for a woman’s form, including wide shoulder straps and an even distribution of weight across the shoulders. An outer mesh level blocks any printing that could reveal what’s hiding in its chest pocket. MSRP $74.99.

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propper-cover-hoodiePROPPER Cover Hoodie

Under the Hood(ie)

The good old hoodie may be the outerwear of choice nowadays, but PROPPER certainly had law enforcement in mind when it designed the Cover Hoodie. Tactical features include a magnet pass-through to a concealed compartment for quiet weapon retrieval. A pullout identification panel on the arm negates the need to carry extra paraphernalia. Then there are the little details that make the fit that much more comfortable, such as thumbholes in the cuffs to prevent sleeves from bunching or twisting. In addition, a “non-pilling” treatment to the fleece fabric keeps the jacket looking new longer. MSRP $54.99.

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kakadu-gunn-worn-aviator-bomber-jacketKakadu Gunn-Worn Aviator Bomber Jacket

Stylish Deception

The Australian company Kakadu is bringing the Outback look stateside. The Gunn-Worn Aviator has all the cool features of a traditional bomber jacket and then some. A concealed carry internal system features left- and right-side holsters, a trigger guard and single- and double-stack clip holsters. An added bonus is the hand-warmer welt pockets hidden inside the larger bellow pockets, great for when the weather turns toward winter. The jacket comes in espresso, moss and tobacco colors and is available in sizes XS up to 3XL. MSRP $199.99.

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scottevest-sev-expeditionSCOTTEVEST SeV Expedition

Plenty of Pockets

Law enforcement personnel love the SCOTTEVEST SeV Expedition, and you will too! Thirty-seven pockets make carrying essentials easy. For example, stash tablets and phones in an interior compartment with a clear covering that allows you to operate the devices without pulling them out. The Zip-PIP is a zippered pocket-within-a-pocket for an added layer of security. Other pockets have magnetic closures. There’s even a pocket intended to hold a water bottle. Finally, the vest incorporates a weight management system for a natural hang on your shoulders and ultimate comfort. MSRP $200.

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versacarry-semi-auto-model-holster-gunVersacarry Semi-Auto Model Holster

Properly Waisted

When you’re trying to be discreet, the last thing you want is a big, bulky holster advertising that you’re carrying a weapon. Then again, you want a holster that’s strong enough to secure your gun in place and allow for easy access. Versacarry’s Semi-Auto Model Holster meets those criteria. Its minimalist design perfectly fits inside a waistband and accommodates a variety of firearms. MSRP $24.99.

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