Suit Up in Smart Tactical Gear

suit_up_02You spend your days and nights protecting the public, but you need protection, too. From biological hazards like needle pokes to physical assaults like slashes, law enforcement officers face it all on the mean streets. Your apparel and gear must withstand the ugliest run-ins, and manufacturers are taking notice. Oil-resistant boot soles, puncture-resistant gloves, flame-fighting hoods, cut-proof vests — you have more options than ever to guard your well-being. Here are some of the latest high-tech tactical tools to get you through your next shift safely.

tactical-command-industries-tactical-throat-microphone-headset-iiiFor Your Head: Tactical Command Industries Tactical Throat Microphone Headset (TTMK-III)

Never Miss a Command

This state-of-the-art headset is designed to keep your entry team comms clear and uninterrupted. The durable throat microphone picks up everything you say in detail and the audio reception from the Soundwaves/FC Earcoil and TCI earbud is outstanding. The TTMK-III delivers high performance in big-noise situations. MSRP $650 and up. Get more information on this product ->

For Your Hands: Hatch TUG-100 Technician Touchscreen Utility Glove

Technology at Your Fingertipspg-hat-tug-100-technical-touchscreen-utility

When time is of the essence and hand protection is critical, sliding a glove off to answer a phone call or operate a tablet can mean losing crucial seconds and leaving yourself vulnerable. Whereas most touchscreen-capable gloves have excess layers stitched on to enable mobile device use, Hatch’s new series stands out because of its integrated Advanced Touchscreen System (ATS), which eliminates unnecessary seams or materials where tactility and dexterity are most important. The gloves have ATS technology embedded in the thumb, index finger and index knuckle — a bonus point of screen contact that helps you avoid contaminating your device in messy situations. The all-purpose TUG-100 is made of durable materials with a synthetic suede palm, reinforced rubberized fingertips, and a flexible hook-and-loop wrist closure. MSRP $46. Get more information on this product ->

american-body-armor-female-uniform-shirt-carrierFor Your Chest: American Body Armor Female Uniform Shirt Carrier

Flexible and Fitted

This USC is designed with a woman’s body in mind. From the narrow shoulder coverings to the adjustable side closures, a female officer can feel secure knowing she is protected in vulnerable areas. The front and rear plate pockets offer superior protection without adding extra bulk to a woman’s frame. Available in navy, black, white, brown, gray, olive and tan to blend in with color-matched uniform shirts. MSRP $165 and up. Get more information on this product ->

turtleskin-cell-extraction-vestFor Your Chest: TurtleSkin Cell Extraction Vest

Ultimate Blade Protection

This cell extraction suit for corrections officers offers armored protection from both spikes and edged weapons. It’s earned a Level 3 rating from the National Institute of Justice, in part because of a lightweight, flexible metal mosaic that offers hard protection against edged weapons. You’re covered from neck to groin with this vest. MSRP $2,500. Get more information on this product ->

C5-CaseFor Your Device: 5.11 Tactical C5 Case for Phone/PDA

At Your Service

This rugged and durable tactical phone case is ideal for on-the-job and personal use. Its high-performance nylon and high-impact locking clip protect your sensitive electronics even when you’re running and gunning, but it’s still easy to open with one hand. The best news is that it fits most phones, including those already sheathed in a protective case. MSRP $16.99. Get more information on this product ->

Code-6-GroupFor Your Feet: Bates Code 6 Boots

New, Improved and Incredibly Lightweight

“Code 6 is comfort and performance without compromise,” says Eric Fracassi, Product Development Director for Bates. “We improved every aspect of a tactical boot. We decreased weight and increased the durability of the boot by incorporating contemporary design with innovative materials.” Code 6 is 15% lighter than Bates Ultra-Lites, making them the company’s lightest tactical boot. Available in eight-inch side zip, six-inch side zip and four-inch models, the Code 6 collection combines the time-tested, traditional look of a tactical boot with athletic-inspired design cues and performance materials, all while maintaining — and improving upon — the quality and durability for which Bates is known. MSRP $104.95 to $119.95. Get more information on this product ->


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